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The Sons of Lennon and McCartney Release Song

James McCartney and Sean Lennon released a song whose backing vocals sound out of tune to me.

Some of the lead vocals go a bit flat, as well.

At least it’s not autotuned. Maybe it should be.

The song is a snore.

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  1. My skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses, interests and abilities differ greatly from those of my father, as my son’s do from mine. We grew up in different eras, met different people, acquired different experiences, and traveled different paths.

    I am not my father and my son is not me.

    Genetics is not destiny, and even if it were, half that genetic legacy is the mother’s.

    And we all know what a great sing Sean’s mother, Yoko, is…

  2. James must have gotten Linda’s musical talent. And obviously Sean got Yoko’s. Those lyrics are laughably bad…”The stars exploded into a flame” Come on, fellas. This is bad. Get better weed or something.

  3. Gee, 17 comments in and no,”Need more cowbell”, you guys are slipping.

    Yes, these apples fell miles away from the tree, but it was still better than 99.9% of all rap songs.

    I hope they keep at it. What passes for music nowadays does not have a high bar.


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