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House Dissatisfaction with Johnson Explodes over Foreign Aid ‘Insanity’ that Neglects Southern Border

Breitbart: House Republicans’ dissatisfaction with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is rapidly growing as Reps. Scott Perry (R-PA) and Jim Banks (R-IN) are sharing their frustrations about what Banks called “insanity” in Johnson’s foreign aid framework, which includes over three times as much money for Ukraine as it does for Israel while neglecting the U.S. Southern border.

Perry took to X Tuesday to share an image of the framework, showing the bills allocate $48.83 billion to Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, $2.4 billion for “Red Sea Operations,” $2.58 billion for “INDOPACOM,” and $3.3 billion for a “Submarine Industrial Base.”

“Notice anything missing?” wrote Perry. Speaker Johnson “failed to incorporate any border security into any of the FOUR of the bills he’s going to ram down our throats this week.” more here

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  1. ^^^^^ The next guy won’t be any different. Obviously. Is it a waste of time recalling this guy? I dunno. This morning I would have said yes, not so sure now. But he has the full support of the Dems. They will save him.

  2. As disappointing as this johnson is, I don’t know if we’re better with him or without him. There’s no doubt in my mind if he’s gone we will end up with a donkey speaker. If he stays it’s a rino speaker. What I do know is that we can’t afford is a democrat control of the House. The elephants are in a world of hurt. Which means our Republic is in a world of hurt!

  3. The US experiment is over. The Constitution and the citizens failed to keep the beast under control, and truthfully the nation has been far too big to remain together under one government for well over 150 years at least. The only question is whether or not we can end it all peacefully.

  4. You know whats funny. Guys like the clown above obviously don’t buy fuel. Or groceries. At least not with their own money. They don’t pay taxes. They don’t have a family. But when they get the government they deserve all that shit ends and they will starve first. Sometimes I wish the would get what they want. They’re not very bright. We can be just like China.

  5. The Repugs can’t find a decent conservative to be their top spokesperson in the House. All they seem to want to do is make dirty deals with the filthy lying Bidenrats.

    Some of these Repug weaklings are more than happy to see President Trump having to go through hell. They are simply traitors. I’m not singling anyone out…but blindfolds, some rope, a sturdy wall, and a firing squad would together make an excellent finale to it.

  6. Immortal Fish

    You know I’ve about had it tonight. Why don’t we arrange a meet. Let’s see your little sniper ass mouth run then. You don’t like me and I sure as hell don’t like you. Your all mouth. But do I attack you? No I don’t pussy.

  7. Johnson has likely been compromised, maybe just by reality. The problem is that in a few days the Republican majority in the house will be 1, but really 0. Only one more nevertrumper needs to slink away to give back majority to the Dems. It’s not a good time to rock the boat. When the Dems take back the House, which they seem to have already done, save for the change in leadership, things will pivot so fast, those who care to watch will get whiplash.

    The only thing left to do to complete the Dems’ coup is to take back the Supreme Court. I see resignations or deaths coming up. Barring that, they will pack the Court.

    Of course, they could just continue ignoring it. That seems to be an effective strategy and there is something to be gained from their radical core from such bold defiance.

    The Dems seem to be back on track with their plans for the destruction of the US. What happens next depends largely on governors, legislatures and local governments…and us.

    They haven’t won, and still may not, but they are positioned well. Where they have problems is in the growing dissatisfaction with their policies among their traditional base.

    They planned on losing fly-over country. They frankly don’t care about fly-over country. The wrench in the works can come in the cities. Keeping Trump in New York City is proving to be mistake, as he is rallying support for himself and MAGA.

    The Dems just assume they have the major cities and the coasts. Trump’s forced concentration on NYC voters could shift the tide in all the major cities. They will try…they are trying to silence him by claiming anything he says in campaigning is a violation of the gag order.

    If they get desperate, will they move to assassinate Trump? I think they might. Because of that, I think he ought to choose his VP as soon as possible, and it needs to be a firebrand with a similar personality, someone he would choose to replace him, should it come to that. It could keep the nevertrumpers from installing their own candidate in Convention.

    I still think that Trump should have run for the Democrat nomination, but then, the Dems don’t allow popular nomination of their candidate. I do maintain that only the Dems can save us from the Dems. Their heavily-leveraged unity has to fracture sometime. Trump, with the right VP, could be the catalyst to accomplish it.

    The Republican Party has been useless, since Nixon did the gentlemanly thing and refused to challenge JFK’s crooked victory. (I don’t count the Reagan era, as they never accepted him or those who voted for him. That schism has had them tripping over their feet, since then.)

    Well, this went longer, and later, than I anticipated. Try to stay hopeful, and do what you can (but don’t give them a justification for violence).

  8. All is going according to the plan. A clearly compromised Massey and MTG will work an ouster for Johnson (a spineless pile of shit by the way) and this will likely cause the house to shift to the Dems with Harkeem Jeffries as speaker. The first thing a Dem run congress will do is remove him from the presidential ballot. When the individual states attempted to remove Trump from their perspective ballots the Supreme Court ruled that only CONGRESS can do it. This is the Uniparty’s insurance plan against Trump.

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