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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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  1. LOL, I don’t even need to play the video. Can’t remember the dudes name but a couple years ago he was a nationally ranked power lifter. The put him in a bench press competition compression suit to make him look small while he’s doing the janitor routine. He’s not small. or a while he stole Franco Colombo’s nick name. The pocket Hercules. This guys damn impressive but not half as impressive as Franco Columbo. Arnold’s old lifting buddy. The dude was a body builder in the mens short class and would occasionally enter open division power lifting contests and blow the big guys away. You had to look close but he was in Terminator one looking bad ass. Columbo was twice the man Arnold was. They remained friends to the end. Theend was Franco getting caught in a rip tide off his home island of Sardinia and perishing.
    Spotted this a couple days ago. I knew I saved it for a reason. Franco’s all over this video.


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