Do you know what this is?


It’s in a German beer hall. Note the handles.

This is a toilet for vomiting.

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  1. Those German beer drinkers don’t know when to quit. I bet most of those that use it return to their table and order another beer. My only experience in a German beer hall was at the Haufbrau House in Las Vegas (I know, not in Germany), I’ve never drank that much beer, before or since. That is a really fun place, and not a casino.

  2. The sign above says “Brech Platz”.
    That translates to “crushing place”.
    That sort of makes sense, since you feel “crushed” when you are so sick that you vomit.

  3. Soon to be installed in the Congressional shit house. All because of President Trump and his team of realists. Ho,ho,ho. Eat crow and vomit, you lickspittles!

  4. No flush mechanism. I guess that makes it an Audi. Mercedes Benz wouldn’t make such errors without 30 days in the cooler.

  5. Shouldn’t that be Blecch Platz? Seriously, a toilet just for barfing in, I’ve been that drunk before which is why I don’t drink booze anymore. And who gets the crappy job of cleaning it up especially if they miss and barf all over everything but that barf toilet. Nice handles to grab on and give it the old worshipping of the porcelain gods. No Thanks!

  6. That’s a good idea!

    I also wondered about the need for the seat, but I guess it provides a place to rest your chin.

    Sometime in the future, I will have a full length functioning urinal in the garage. To go with it, I want like a 2′ deep x 3′ wide heavy stainless steel sink with an overhead sprayer. Hot and cold water, of course.

  7. always thought the handicapped stall was just a stall for a big one ….

    …. bigger seat, grunt-grip rails and all

  8. I should have had one made for every darned speech Obumber made in 8 years, but then again I might never have surfaced for 8 years.

  9. The German word for vomit is erbrechen. I think Brech Platz is just a shortened “vomit place”. They probably didn’t want to print the whole mile-long German phrase because by the time it has been read it’s already too late.

  10. 1989, Kiel. Shore leave, we walked into a random basement bar. Smoky, dim, animal heads on the walls. Odd electronic type music playing. Middle and old aged locals all turned to look as we entered, then we immediately left. Place was spooky. A buddy later observed that it looked like the kind of place where everybody there except you is a werewolf.

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