Document Reveals Ukraine Started Biden Probe Months BEFORE Trump’s Call

For the confused Progs- Before means during the period of time preceding a particular event, date, time , or PHONE CALL.

Please, continue-
Fox News contributor John Solomon was on ‘Hannity’ last night to discuss a newly unearthed document that “shows that Ukrainian officials had opened a new probe into the firm linked to Hunter Biden months before President Trump’s phone call with that country’s leader.”

Solomon said the United States was already aware that Ukraine was planning to look into Burisma Holdings, the energy company that Hunter Biden was a board member of, early this year. Solomon stated, “The U.S. government had open-source intelligence and was aware as early as February of 2019 that the Ukrainian government was planning to reopen the Burisma investigation…This is long before the president ever imagined having a call with President Zelensky” because Petro Poroshenko was still Ukraine’s president in February, not Zelensky. more here

10 Comments on Document Reveals Ukraine Started Biden Probe Months BEFORE Trump’s Call

  1. Only way to spin that is to say Ukraine is lying on Trump’s behalf WHICH WILL PROVE COLLUSION!!!!!1 Question is, who will be the first Leftist to say it out loud.

  2. Then why is Andrew McCarthy freaking out over Trump talking bout Hunter Biden on The Call? Is McCarthy going wobbly? Did he get a Phone Call?

  3. “It won’t be spun, only ignored.”

    Probably, unless they think they can spin it as “proof” of collusion, which they’re stupid and desperate enough to do w/o realizing it will only throw more gas on the fire about to engulf them.

  4. Thirdtwin- While McCarthy is alright, he tends to get melodramatic sometimes. Sometimes he looks at things the Left is yelling about from their perspective, not the law.
    I dumped him and started going out with John Solomon. LOL.

  5. Imagine conservatives in the role of Annie Sullivan …. living in that made-over shed out back behind the house… with the uncivilized DemoProgs as Helen Keller.

    That’s the situation, folks. Can’t believe a thing their manipulating minds toss out there. Can’t take anything they say or do as an honest charge against POTUS Trump or us. Please believe everything they say and do is in service to their own survival, as misguided as it is. Today, the broken chair; tomorrow, the burning sofa.

    Don’t forget to pray for the safety and sanity of our president and the country. One way or another this too shall pass. Have a nice day. 🙂


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