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DOE Disavows Energy Star Statement

Ever since the government rating program Energy Star recommended we all set our thermostats in summer at 85 degrees, the criticism has come rolling in. Here

Co-sponsoring agency, The Department of Energy, released a statement yesterday declaring everyone can decided for themselves what temperature to set their own thermostats at. Here

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  2. The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions thermostat.

  3. If You’ve got a smart thermostat…Like a google Nest…The G’s

    already up in Your House….Plus it listens…

    “Honey, I’m going to turn down the temp to 77”

    Nest: “I wouldn’t do that if I were You Dave”

  4. I fart in their general direction….frequently.

  5. Drain the Swamp – but don’t drain the swamp cooler!

  6. nice thermostat you got there. it would be a shame if anything happened to it.

  7. Wait till you get ‘red-flagged’ bc of your thermostat settings..

  8. Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? It is the sound of inevitability. It is the sound of high electric bills under the Democrat’s carbon tax.

  9. The Judge: “Mr. Lazlo, the Enviro-police have presented the court with thermo-graphs of the exterior of your home. These graphs clearly show that your house was heated to above 64 degrees on the night of December 24th”.
    Lazlo, looking up from the rack: “It was Christmas Eve you pox ridden hermaphrodite”
    Judge: “Now, now Mr. Lazlo. If you insist on committing more crimes, like willfully calling the Winter Holiday by something other than it’s proper name, selfishly thinking you can heat your home above the approved temperature, and using unauthorized pronouns, you will never get out of here”

  10. Never ever sign up for that energy star crap because they won’t let you opt out. We had to rent a house for a year that had signed up, in the CO summer we got an alert we’d be throttled that day and by 3 pm the house would be 85+ degrees. My dog laid on the sofa with his legs in the air. Even if you buy/sell they often won’t let you ever leave the program . Something to review before buying a property.

  11. Imagine the cheese that would form in Hillary Clintons folds at that temperature!

  12. ^^^

    EEWWW! That’s gross. I was just getting ready for dinner.

  13. I’ve been an heating and air tech for 33 years.

    I get about 1 call a week due to NEST thermostat “PROBLEMS” and units not cooling since their installation. There are many many issues.

    For what its worth I do the exact opposite of the experts recommendations.
    In Cooling season:

    1) At night I set the unit 1 to 2 deg. F COOLER than the regular daytime temperature when we are home. You MUST sleep comfortably at night especially if you have a job and work during the day. Period!

    2) When not home let the temperature rise 4 deg. F from your desired daytime temperature. Anything else & the “RECOVERY TIME” takes too long and the unit gets its ass kicked non stop.

    3) I keep it a bit warmer than “normal” here are my settings:

    Day: People home = 77 Deg. F
    Sleep: = 76 Deg. F
    Not Home : = 80 Deg. F

    In Canada we have variable pricing of STATE OWNED HYDRO. We get “Royally Fucked” on rates. that’s why I set a bit warmer. Hydro is more expensive when you need it. Wind/Solar/Commie bastards.

    In general, with reasonable pricing:

    Home = 73-74F
    Nite = 72-73F
    Not Home = 76-77F But that’s a 1980’s pipe dream in Canada now

    My personal Air conditioner is 1985 and “FREON 22” old school and works better than any new unit. Bit more hydro use but solid like the battleship NEW JERSEY. ALL COPPER & STEEL. No Aluninium & No Envirofag refrigerants that leak easily.

  14. I like comfort. Fuck it. I’ll stay comfortable. Fuck off!

  15. All this shit about t-stats is getting silly.

    My first year here I burned LP exclusively, and spent about 1600 in fuel. And the furnace itself was burning 100 dollars a month in electricity.

    I installed a coal stove and settled into burning 3 dollars of anthracite a day (except days of high winds — I could burn up to 40 pounds of coal a day, 6 dollars worth) and my electric bill went down 100 a month.

    I burn wood in the coal stove during the season of 40s at night, and 60 to 70 degree days. Once it’s consistently below about 40 degrees during the day I fire up the anthracite. With experience I got to the point the I could run the coal stove for 6 weeks before I had to do a full shutdown and cleanout.

    I still use LP as a backup for stove shutdown, and those cold snap days before and after the anthracite is fired.

    Now for hot weather… the best way I found to keep the bills lower was to install an attic fan that comes on when the attic reaches 100F.

  16. The “brand” of coal made a huge difference, too. TSC coal was 40 pounds a day no matter what — but it IS easier to shake down (as if that matters much).

    Blaschak coal is cheaper than TSC coal and burned 20 pounds in 24 hours, except of course the very windy days. Even with the pipe damper full shut — which is normal operation — the wind just burns 100% more coal. It’s an art to shake that shit down. But I figured it out.

  17. Nah, they’re crazy. Set your thermostats to 95 degrees in summer, and zero degress in winter: you’ll save the planet. The planet Neptune, that is.

    Blow these morons off. Don’t give them the time of day.

  18. Alder, maple and cherry, winter wonderland, snowing, doors open 80 in the house. Summer air conditioning 78 not home 70 home. Works the pump some but so what. When grandma got the idea to leave the doors open in the day time it cost me though. Froze the coil, dumped on the control board. Twice. Then I tossed grandma out for failing to follow directions and everything works just fine.

  19. I read 0bama liked to keep the WH at 82 degrees in winter. Kept him and the sasquatch happy.

  20. you can have my thermostat when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  21. MJA, that’s some weird shit, too. I worked in Ballmer for a winter…

    Shew. Walk into some reeking shitpit and it was fucking 90 degrees. What? How the fuck can you live like this?

    How the fuck can you afford it?

    They are lolling around in trash, actual trash, and it’s 90 degrees. And the motherfucker is MAD that cockroaches ate all his wiring. He’s eating some kind of fucking wheatie o’s. Not fruitloops,but wheat o’s, whatever the fuck they are called, and there’s baby cockroaches floating in the milk. He’s spooning them into his yap.


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