Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Here are ten daughters of celebrities. Some are male celebrities, some are female. I’m not into “celebrities,” but I do like games and visual challenges. Can you pick up on any family resemblances? (I thought number 4, the redhead, looked like Kate Blanchett. I was wrong. Number 5, the yellow background, looks like Ivanka Trump, but I know there aren’t any long lost Trump daughters. And number 7, the white background, looks enough like her father that it would freak me out.)celebritydna

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see parents here

9 Comments on Does the apple fall far from the tree?

  1. I only guessed one – Priscilla Presley’s daughter.

    Opie’s daughter is way prettier than she could have hoped to be.

    David Cassidy’s daughter is the prettiest on the Golly scale.

  2. They all have one thing in common.
    They are all gonna fall into the same hole when the San Andreas opens up.

    Or, they will all be found, one by one, dead from a drug overdose in a hotel room before they hit 30 years old.

  3. 1. Susan Sarandon’s daughter?
    3. Angela Bassett’s daughter?
    5. Gene Simmon’s daughter?
    7. Billy Joel’s daughter?
    8. Kim Basinger’s daughter?

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