Mets 2nd Baseman Daniel Murphy Breaks MLB Post Season Home Run Record As Mets Rout Cubs 4 Games to Nil

Daniel Murphy has set a new major league home run record, hitting 6 dingers in six straight games. Murphy led the Mets powerhouse offense while the best starting pitching staff in baseball – Harvey, Syndegaard, deGrom and Matz – shut the Cubs down to a few scant runs. The Cubs never led in any of the 4 games.

Jeurys Familia, the closer, has been flawless in the post season.

Up next, Mets versus the Kansas City Royals or the Toronto Blue Jays.



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  1. For whatever reason, Daniel Murphy is on FIRE. Even Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, etc. didn’t hit 6 HR in 6 games. And looking at his stats, he has entire seasons that that he hit 6 or less HR in and he only hit 14 during this year’s regular season. For his career he has hit 62 HR – and in the last 6 games has essentially hit 10% of his career total. For his career he has hit 1 HR per 54 at bats (62 HR in 3,354 AB) – for the playoffs this year it has to be something like a HR for every 4 or 5 AB. Hats off to him (and the Metropolitans) ….. he’s a MONSTER!

  2. You were correct in your predictions….I humbly eat me foot, except I was talking’ mostly of my love of playoff baseball (and talking’ some smack)….I had given up on baseball mostly because of the steroid era….and then came the 2002 LA Angels…they hit, they ran, they hit and ran, some big hits too…they fielded, they pushed the runner over, they bunted, they pitched…hell, they played baseball like it was meant to be….and now, I have followed the 2015 Mets enough to see what you were talking’ about…they ARE a juggernaut! and Daniel Murphy epitomizes this…they play baseball like it was meant to be played,but they have some serious competition coming with either the Royals or the Jays…they both play some good feelin’ baseball….My prediction is that a team that wears a blue hat will win it all….LET’S PLAY TWO!!!!….LOLOL…naw, make it seven!….I love this shit!…

  3. In the 7 years I’ve had this blog I never once touted the Mets.
    I could see if every year I said some fan sounding shit that made no sense, everyone could just roll their eyes and say, “here he goes again with his ‘Mets are the best team in baseball’ crap.”

    What hurt most (feigns wiping tear) is that the readers could trust me (sniffle) with other info, like politics, but when I deliver a SPOT ON ANALYSIS (blubbering uncontrollably) (unintelligible) of the (unintelligible) (curse words) state of the (unintelligible) (unintelligible) jock strap (curse words) unintelligible… unintelligible… suck my rosin bag.

  4. That….right there….is a BALK in any universe that talks baseball and baseball smack…runner gets first…

  5. Hey Hat it’s beginning to sound like Nixon voters after the ’72 election around here–now EVERYONE in the metro area are Mets fans.
    We know who the long sufferers are! LGM!

  6. In a perhaps-related development, The KC Royals just signed Bill Buckner to a ten game contract. This could be a sign of something, Furskie.

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