Domestic Terrorists (antifa) Hammer Attack

To clear up any confusion about who instigated the violent bridge altercation in Portland at #DefendPDX this video CLEARLY shows the right wingers were acting in self-defense when they pulled out a hammer as left wingers threw bricks/ attacked them unprovoked #hammergate

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  1. The blame goes straight to the chief of police, mayor and on up the ladder.

    Which makes it easy to tell the commies from the patriots.

  2. @jellybean – Just so we all know who’s who, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is also the police commissioner, and the police chief’s name, believe it or not, is Danielle Outlaw.

  3. If you’re going to use a hammer, a mechanic’s Ball Peen hammer is a better choice than a carpenters Claw hammer for this sort of work.

  4. Too bad they didn’t get a noose around the shithead with the helmet, and then drag him behind the bus. My fantasy.

  5. I’d love to see a lawsuit brought against the Mayor of Portland for civil rights violations. The Constitution protects the right to peaceably assemble, but this is a right groups like the Proud Boys are being denied by Antifa. It should fall on the Mayor and police to protect the rights of the Proud Boys to that peaceful assembly and to protect them from assault. You don’t have to agree with their message, but they have rights.

  6. Dennis Ray Lewis, aka Sabo, says he was in Portland with the conservative group and that antifa was nowhere near, afraid to engage. Sounds like they found a few stragglers or some they could accuse of being ‘right-wing’ to expend their energy on.

  7. I reckon some of the peaceful Conservative PROTESTORS know how to weld. I can see them fixing up a bus Full Road Warrior style (complete with one of those awful Train Horns) and smile & wave to the violent fascist Antifa RIOTERS.

    The reason the Conservative PROTESTORS would know how to weld? Easy; it’s cuz they have JOBS and WORK for a living, instead of living all fat, soft & doughy in Mom’s basement at 30 yrs old, tens of thousands in debt with a worthless Masters degree in Intersectional Dance Studies.

  8. Speaking of ball peen hammers, a movie titled, You Were Never Really Hear(2017), was a story of a hit man who used that tool as his weapon of choice while killing (pedophiles). It starred Joaquin Phoenix, and although it may not be your cup of tea, I liked it the movie. The character could instill some fear in those weenie antifa cowards.

  9. When self defense to protect from violent attacks is deemed illegal, The real criminals are the officials in charge. If the loggers were to have used forceful self defense, they would likely have been legally shot by snipers. In reviewing past events, it is the bad guys that get protected by LEOs and military snipers. Portland has become an outlaw sanctuary.

    Oath Keepers Encounter Fed Snipers in Ferguson
    [Feds define Oath Keepers as a domestic terrorist group]

    The Oath Keepers Are Patrolling The Roofs In Ferguson With Guns
    Nov 30 2014

    Snipers to Provide Over Watch for Police Officers In Ferguson
    Posted on August 3, 2016 by FDE
    “With the threat of another case of civil unrest planned in Ferguson on August 9th law enforcement officers have seeken out a guardian angel of sorts to protect them from what could be a very aggressive group of “protesters”. The Ferguson Police will be implementing the use of snipers to provide “overwatch” for the 300 officers that have been called in to handle the Anniversary proceedings.”

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