Donald Trump Proposes Federal Homeless Task Force for Los Angeles, San Francisco

That face you make when the guy you hate has to come in and fix your problems. Brutal.


President Donald Trump promised to address the homelessness issue in major California cities, as he traveled to the state for a series of political fundraisers.

He suggested the creation of an “individual task force” that would address the problem.

“The people of San Francisco are fed up, and the people of Los Angeles are fed up,” Trump said. “And we’re looking at it, and we’ll be doing something about it.”

The president spoke to reporters on Air Force One on the trip to California and confirmed that he would speak to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson about the problem.

“We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” Trump said. more

15 Comments on Donald Trump Proposes Federal Homeless Task Force for Los Angeles, San Francisco

  1. He’s such a dictator, if they want to destroy themselves, he shouldn’t interfere.

    p.s. The lefties in charge will cry foul.

  2. Start by prosecuting and removing from office the officials who are aiding and abetting illegal immigration and using taxpayer money to fund “sanctuary” cities. They are breaking the law and misusing/stealing money that is not theirs. This will also clean out a lot of corruption and incompetence that created the problem in the first place.

  3. I hope Seattle is on his list too. Trump will offer real world solutions and the Dems in charge will refuse his help. Some (not all for sure because of TDS) of their constituents will finally see that the Libs have no intention of ending homelessness and the crimes associated with it. Trump may gain a few more voters from this.

  4. Why should all of America have to pay for local problems? These are problems made worse by local liberals. Keep all the nut jobs, drug addicts, alcoholics, homos, fugitives, pedophiles, actors, communists, socialists, professors, parolees, necrophiliacs, reporters, and other democrats right where they are. Portland’s mayor is trying to turn his city into a 3rd world shit hole so if you have too many derelicts, send them to Portland. They stand a good chance of being elected.

  5. Why the Hell should we care or remediate any of the horrific results of Marxism caused by the locals voting for tyranny?

    These places offer a great lesson for others.

    If you can’t fix the people who slaver fanatically for homelessness, disease and feces obstacle courses then you are pissing away resources treating the symptoms.

    And, you can’t fix the people.

  6. The political windmill won’t support or encourage this intervention of help good or bad. That would be admitting defeat. They might take money to burn but instructions and guidance won’t be welcomed. Cows always go back into the burning barn not much will stop them.

  7. … and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” Trump said.

    “allowing what’s happening” my ass. In Seattle, Portland and Tacoma the powers that be actively recruited them from around the country to come on in and set up camp, ten once they got there they were treated like Goddamned celebrities. I am fairly certain that as soon as the leftist idiots achieved critical mass in the California shitholes the dynamic at play was not much different.

  8. i sense another Trump Triumph. The left will go apoplectic, the californians will see someone doing something and they will reward Trump properly in 2020 with Ca turning red.

    Also, if the feds step in imagine how many illegals will find themselves in their HOME land.

    I see this as a great win.

  9. What do you think President Trump (BUSINESS MAN!) will do. Do you really think he will throw good money away? I think he will do something none of us are thinking. And it will piss off the leftist elites, but bring relief to the masses.

    Groucho Marxist it right, he is a magnificent bastard. And a stable genius.

    You go, Mr. President!

  10. Remember last year with the big wildfires in CA and President Trump meeting with Gov Brown and Newsome over the failed policies on forest management?

    I would welcome more Trump Winning in CA.

  11. On one hand it’s disgusting these kinds of crap-hole conditions are allowed to grow in American cities, and something ought to be done to end it.

    But, otoh, when someone is determined to make a fool of themselves, the safest thing to do is stand clear, which includes not being forced to send them other people’s money to fix their self created mess.


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