There isn’t a difference between males and females? I beg to differ

I doubt you’d see two little girls doing this.

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  1. There sure as hell is a difference. If there wasn’t I’d be playing with my boobs all day. I’d never get anything done.

  2. My son when he was little went to the gym with his uncle who is now a doctor and very proudly told him when he saw his uncle taking a shower that he had a penis and you do too. They still laugh at that, his uncle is also his namesake, they’re both named Thomas.

  3. Someone needs to take the heat for Josie and the Pussycats. And that Penelope Pitstop was nothing but a distraction on Whacky Racers.

  4. Oh my goodness. Put these boys on ritalin and make them sit quietly in the corner!

    Actually, that was refreshing. Have at it kiddos.

  5. Don’t get caught by grandma or the kid’s mother. They may not think it’s funny. And while you’re at it get the kid to believe you can pull a quarter our of his ear or fall for the tried and true pull my finger gag. And then blame it on the invisible barking spiders. Most kids like grandpa’s jokes and tall tales, I did. and I still remember them many years later.

  6. The thing I admire most about most men is that when they’re talking about something they’re talking about exactly THAT something, not about something else that you have to try to figure out what they’re talking about.

  7. And don’t do like 2 of my brothers and their cousin who from up high in a cottonwood tree decided it would be funny to pee on my girl cousin who was standing under the tree. My uncle was laughing so hard while he was paddling their butts for that but they never did it again.

  8. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. All i hear is BOINK, oh and laughter.

    Reminds me of, me own TWO boys 13/14.

    @Christian – funny! and true. One of my bro’s god bless him gone, LOVED the Stooges. He was autistic and also happen to LOVE seeing all us (all the brothers) fight up a big battle royal. Got a big kick out of it.

    Ghost is one of ten, eight of which are boys.

    Uuuuh huh.

  9. Still too young to say, “here. Hold my beer.”
    But it’s coming.

    Remembering fondly when the family garden hose sprung a leak and it was trash, so we strung it up over a tree limb, forming two loops that served as swings. We would sit in opposing directions and start swinging, getting higher and higher until one of us yelled ATTACK and we were basically jousting with our legs to knock the other guy of. Steve Bailey was a natural born killer.

    We’d both hit the ground laughing because although he’d plant both of his feet squarely in my chest, we’d both went flying.

    Good times.

  10. Some of the most fun we ever had was playing baseball in my uncle’s cow pasture using dried up cow pies as bases. Unfortunately one time my dad missed the ball while swinging at it and fell backwards and hit a fairly fresh cow pie with the back of his head. We all laughed afterwards. One other time we were playing football with a cow bladder out of a freshly killed cow that still had urine in it and one of my brothers caught it and it burst all over him, he was a big wet mess but we had fun. And the hill just above the farm going over to Hayden Lake had the best sledding hill we ever had in the Winter of 1968-69 when the snow was extremely deep that Winter, we had a blast.

  11. @Geoff the Aardvark, we had fun playing cowpie frisbee! So many games with cowpies! Lol!

    Those little boys! That is SO funny!

  12. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! Now I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow… I got a trash can just like that sitting outside my shop door! Now I just need to find a little person to test it out on!!! Hmm my boss is awfully short…

  13. If you/they eliminate the differences between male and female……you may as well eliminate me also ‘cause I wouldn’t want to be here.

  14. …to Jethro’s point: And girly men who think they are “relating” to woman. New Aged, sensitive guys — um, yeah.

  15. AbigailAdams, I know, right? I have enough girl friends. I don’t need any girly-men friends.

    I want to be around real men oozing toxic masculinity!

  16. Claudia — Oh yeah, baby! The third wave feminists (so-called) want to nuke that pheromone-loaded phenomenon right off the planet. Stupid women trying to imitate men and doing a very bad job of it.

  17. Little boys can be so freaking hilarious – my son used to love to bang into things and when he did, he’d laugh his ass off like it was the funniest thing EVER.

    One time when he was around five, he fell REALLY hard on the (carpeted) floor and hit his head. I sorta held my breath waiting to see what would happen. I feel him pull in his breath and start to say, “That was…[catching breath, me wondering if he is gonna cry] AWEEEESOOOOOOOME!!!!”

    Then he leapt up and ran around the room like it was Christmas.

  18. Claudia – +1 for Three Stooges! Love the Marx Bros., too.

    When my brother and I were teens, we caught “Go West” on the tube. We were trying to be quiet but our sleeping mom scolded us for laughing so loudly (through the sofa cushions).


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