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Haiti’s Deal With The Devil Bites Them In the Gas

In 2005, Venezuela formed the Petrocaribe alliance with Caribbean nations agreeing to buy below market oil on a deferred payment arrangement (1% interest for 25 years on the balance).

Facing its own economic collapse, Venezuela halted oil shipments through the program last, leaving economically challenged nations to fend for themselves. Haiti has been particularly hard hit. The government agency responsible for keeping the lights on quickly ran out of funds when having to buy oil on the open market. Now transportation throughout the Caribbean nation has come to a stop with no end in sight to the fuel shortage. Here

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  1. …Haiti’s flag was created by symbolically ripping the white stripe out of the French flag after they ACTUALLY killed all the White people who were dumb enough to stay there through Toussaint L’Ouverture’s revolution. They’ve pretty much been a White Supremacy free zone ever since, by dint of not really having any White people come there but UN Aid workers and Clintons.

    How’s that working out for them?

    …To go by Hollywood, the place should be Wakanda by now…

  2. How about strip the clinton foundation,
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    Maybe pay for gas in Haiti for awhile.Ship the
    clinton crime family to live in the streets of
    ole San Fran…..


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