Don’t forget to steal his wallet


So you’re walking down the street with an attitude and you pass somebody you wanna beat up. Maybe he said something that got under your skin. Or maybe he looked at you in a way that screamed disrespect. Or maybe he just had a face that needed punching. No matter.

So long as your reasons for beating him up are just plain punk crazy, whale away. You might be arrested, of course, and charged with aggravated assault. Then you’ll cop a plea and get parole along with a stern warning. Or, if you’ve done this sort of thing before, you’ll likely spend a few months in a county facility. No big deal really. Because, as you know, some faces need some punching.

But listen up now. If your trash-talking, disrespecting, puffy-faced chump happens to be a certain kind of person, things may not go so well for you.


4 Comments on Don’t forget to steal his wallet

  1. Yeah, don’t call him “nigger” as you beat the piss outta him.
    Or “jigaboo” or “chink” or “wop” or “frog” or “spick” or “beaner” or “greaser” or “kraut” or “limey” or “raghead” or “mick” or “wog” – just shout “allahu a akbar ya fuckin Jew muthahfuckah!” – and you’ll be OK.

    Oh … it’s assumed you’re white, of course – people of ‘color’ never do such things.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Yeah, but if you love what you did how can that be hate? There are some people I’d love to smack. It’s not that I hate them it’s just that I’d love to smack them.

  3. The incident where 4 blacks tortured a special needs man was a clear cut case of “hate”. That was obvious. To authorities, not so much. It would take a blatantly obvious act for authorities to even consider charging blacks with hate crimes. Whites.. not so much.

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