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Don’t Take the Bait on the Trump Home Invasion


On Monday evening, the FBI took the unprecedented step of raiding the home of former President Donald Trump. What were they looking for? Astonishingly, what is being leaked to the media is that they were after documents that possibly violated the Presidential Records Act.

Far from their promises of proving some grand conspiracy involving January 6th, it appears the Democrats, using the power of the nation’s federal law enforcement apparatus, are trying to take Donald Trump out with selective enforcement of provisions that are normally handled in a civil, not criminal manner.  Where have we seen that before?

None of this is a coincidence, and none of it is justified. Even if Trump was in possession of some documents that needed to be archived, that is the kind of thing that has historically been dealt with in court, not with an FBI raid, and the former president was fully cooperating to this point.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden has been implicated in multiple federal crimes and his house hasn’t been raided. Hillary Clinton was proven to have illegally retained classified information on a private server, and her house was never raided. This isn’t about Trump not being above the law, as some on the right have naively proclaimed. It’s about a completely different set of rules being applied depending on what political ideology someone adheres to. In simpler terms, it’s about blatant corruption.

Further, it’s about baiting the trap.

There is nothing the Biden administration and the left at large want more than another January 6th moment before the mid-terms. They long for it, and they are willing to do anything to try to manipulate a reaction out of the right to feed into their narrative. Why? Because they believe it can save them from certain destruction in November.

Further, the FBI specifically wants justification to fight its war on “domestic terrorism.” They want to crush you and anyone who thinks like you. 


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  1. Dr. Gina said last night she heard the fake news media trying to bait Trump supporters who lined the streets of Palm Beach to say inflammatory things and to talk about committing violence and insurrection.
    It didn’t happen and I don’t think it will.
    We are not the same as the leftards.

  2. They have done this with a number of conservative Congressional candidates too, for the 2022 elections.

    The FBI will create their own violence and insurrection, using short-haired, polo shirt and shorts wearing g-men, and claim that it is actually ‘violent white supremacists.’ Nobody will believe them, but they will still bring out the troops.

  3. This raid on the home of President Donald J. Trump was planned by the Obiden-Jamindian Maladministration in order to make the millions of illegal immigrants flooding across the border from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Haiti feel at home in their new Banana Republic.

  4. “The Japanese are just trying to bait you into a war you can’t win by bombing Pearl Harbor. They are desperate to draw you out to where they can crush you with their superior navy, and the whole of the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere media will support them in this. Don’t rise to the bait and they won’t have an excuse to attack Midway.”

  5. The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armour of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error.


    I hate what’s happened here regardless of the circumstances.

  6. Midterms now decide all. If the communists retain the house and senate we know the time of politics in America is over and the time of tyranny has been entrenched.

    Woe to we the people if the communists obtain that victory by fair means or foul.

    This is not your father’s political fight, nor is it a time for the RINO skunks to show their stripe in the event the communists are unable to hold the house and senate. If the deep state is not purged the destruction will continue. Compromise with evil is evil itself.

  7. If you know anyone personally who supports this bullshit raid on Trump, come up with a plan to really fuck them over first chance you get. They’re a fucking demon and deserve a demon’s treatment.

  8. Ok. So we wait until the midterms and vote ’em out. But if they cheat again and keep the house and senate, what then? The Tree of Liberty is getting desiccated.

  9. In the not to distant future they will be loading us on box cars, and some guy in the back will be screaming Don’t Take The Bait

  10. Why is it the very first thing is always the very last thing.

    God has this. Pray. He shuts doors that no one can open and opens doors that no one can close. Only he can out maneuver the evil one in ways that point to his sovereignty. Humans want to steal the credit that is rightfully his.

  11. It’s a well conceived trap to entice the circumstances for an overreaction and create an excuse for martial law to stop the midterms.

    Like all Demonrat operations it will backfire bigly if we don’t take the bait.

    They want a mass March on DC, so more marxist manipulation is coming.

    I more convinced than ever that the Pedo is just more chum in the water now.

    They will MK ULTRA a Maga Assain to AR 15 the Pedo. It’s obvious to everyone now he will pass from natural cause soon anyway. He is literally on his last leg.

    Why not use his death to further the global satanic agenda?

    These Luciferians are coming for all of us.

    World War is the other option or perhaps both. Can you imagine the Commie Cunt as CINC?

    They are so stupid they cannot see they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction

    The just galvanized every apathetic fence sitter and independent in the nation to vote for PDJT.

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, the slap heard round the world has been delivered.

    They are doomed now and to stupid to control the fallout. This is a nation born of rebellion.

    Prepare accordingly. It’s about to get frosty.

  12. Walter
    AUGUST 9, 2022 AT 9:27 AM
    “Midterms now decide all.”

    I…uh, I mean they…sure WILL!


  13. They (the totalitarians – Demonrats, RINOs, and their FBLie henchmen) don’t GAS about reactions or overreactions – they have a lap-dog media who will push whatever lies they want pushed. Just as on Jan. 6, everyone can walk slowly and reverently and still be accused of violent insurrection – just as BLM and ANTIFA can burn down cities and be “peacefully” protesting.

    We need to seriously begin to think of viable defenses (and offenses).
    These monsters will NOT stop – look at History – Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Hoxha, Tito, Castro, Ortega, Maduro, Mugabe, Khaddaffi, Kim – every “socialist” mad-dog megalomaniacal tyrant.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  14. The assumption is the documents are about foreign affairs, but what if they are reports of the sins and crimes of our own citizens, like those who flew the Lolita Express?
    Why would DJT store these documents at his home office? He has access to hundreds of hotel rooms around the world, knows where secret vaults are located, maybe stored somewhere in the Caymans, who knows where.
    IMO, these “documents” are already on computers or hard drives somewhere. This isn’t 1949 where only paper is used.
    We may never know what this is about, but secrets about foreign affairs, I don’t think so.

  15. If I’m not mistaken, Trump already declassed all the stuff they accused him of taking.

    What could Trump possibly have that is causing such a panic within the alphabet agencies?

    Why are they working double-overtime to prevent him from running for president?

    Have we ever seen a former president have rallies nonstop after being “defeated” like supposedly was in 2020, and moreover why does Trump have such a huge showing of people attend these rallies?

    These is the questions we need to ask.

  16. AA I agree to a point, but in the Bible God’s people acted and fought, they didn’t just sit in a corner and pray.

  17. Well, don’t take the bait “physically” but there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending short sweet messages to every legislator at all levels who represents you! Something along the lines of “Are YOU really okay with this raid on President Trump’s residence? What are YOU going to do about it? Because doing nothing is unacceptable this time!”

    And I say all of them at all levels because they all need to start making noise about this being wrong. Or they need to go. Period.

    From our local councilmen to our US Senators. And I don’t care what party they are either.

    Because one thing the left is good at is voicing their displeasure. And I’m not talking about marching in protests. Conservatives need to step up on communicating with there legislators. They don’t know we are displeased if we say nothing THROUGH THE RIGHT CHANNELS. Make them do the reacting!

  18. Was the show of force with weapons in their hands really necessary? Such a bullshit show. I lost so much respect for the rank and file FBI agents. They are keystone cops, nothing more

  19. sundance:

    This is a political street fight to save the nation. Those who demand we “wait for referees” while team USA gets beaten senseless are, quite frankly, worse than useless. They are on the other side.

    …in article on decepticon Tim Scott.

  20. @Walter August 9, 2022 at 9:27 am

    > Midterms now decide all. If the communists retain the house and senate we know the time of politics in America is over and the time of tyranny has been entrenched.

    Nobody who doesn’t, already, know when the time of politicking was over, is mentally capable of grasping the fact. Ever. It’s what they are.

  21. That “not above the law” croaking by some of those on the right is unintelligent, gullible, mouth-breathing, and forever dumb put out there by known inbreeding nitwits who don’t give 2 eggs outta the same hen about the nation’s laws or whatever is going on. They’re nothing more than dumbed-down false right-wing who are more versed in the Kardashian escapades and their ugly mentally ill husbands. Typical for that lot.

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