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Don’t Worry, They Are “Re-shooting” in St. Louis

8. Ramis regrets the early scene that has the family drive through St. Louis and get ripped off by a group of black men. On the commentary track, he says it “dehumanizes everyone involved,” and he would not have included it if he was re-shooting the film.
Funny how director Harold Ramis didn’t have a problem with the scene where the Griswolds visit the redneck cousins, where every stereotype in the book is trotted out, including an intimation that the father is sexually abusing his daughter.
NOW THAT’S COMEDY!! and not at all “dehumanizing.”

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  1. I’m actually surprised that they didn’t go with the Stereotype 1980s Hollywood Mugger: namely, a young, white, male model with a striped shirt and a headband.

  2. Gee Wally, Leftists only want to better themselves by dragging everybody else down to their own personal level of Suck…

  3. Harold is a self loather, like all loony lefties

  4. I’m waiting for the
    version of “They Live.”

  5. …or of “Red Dawn.”

    Oh wait.
    There’s the Obama Administration for that.

  6. Correction: WAS a self-loather. He died a little while back.

  7. Are they going to bring back Crazy Eddie the redneck cousin played by the equally crazy in real life Randy Quaid. Forget Chevy Chase I never thought he was funny. Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, Bill Murray were funny.

  8. Harold Ramis was a pretty funny and talented guy. He did great things on the two seasons he was on SCTV. Sounds like the Hollywood PC crowd got to him. That was one of the funniest scenes and has been stolen by other shows (Family Guy for one) for years.

  9. Hollywood has become so arrogant they don’t care if the comedies aren’t funny, the dramas aren’t interesting or if the action movies are dull.

    So long as they feel good about themselves, they don’t care how much they insult their audience.

    I know this was about Harold Ramis’ sensitivities but it also applies to just about every Hollywood producer, director and actor.

  10. Redneck stereotypes are okay for hollyweird because the audience they are playing to are the northeastern libtards.

    Ever wonder why every southern character in any movie or tv show sounds so fake? Yeah, because hollyweird will never go get someone from the southeast with the appropriate accent to play the part. The coastal libtard actors actually believe they can pull off the accent unnoticed. They can’t. They just sound like a drunken californian trying to mimic a southern accent.

  11. Maybe Lindsay Graham can do a walkon flame job like the queer in Airplane

  12. Hasn’t been an original idea out of Hollyweird in 40 years.

    New tech and graphics – same old stories.

  13. If they really want to be culturally sensitive, they should do Mexican Vacation. The Left state is now owned by Mexico.
    Root for La Raza, you reap what you sow. Suckers.

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