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“I Would Be Beyonce” – Michelle Obama

If Michelle Obama weren’t first lady, she knows exactly what she would do.

In an Instagram posted Friday, rapper Wale asks the first lady, “If you had the opportunity to have a different occupation, what would it be?”

“I would be Beyonce,” she responds.

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46 Comments on “I Would Be Beyonce” – Michelle Obama

  1. For us older white guys out here, what the hell is a Beyonce and why should I care? I don’t pay attention to pop culture and all I can see from what little I know about Beyonce is she looks like a slut selling her sleazy wares to a bunch of ignorant lofos. Sort of like modern day black burlesque.

  2. https://ionehellobeautiful.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/jayz-in-situation-room.jpg?w=496

    Beyonce’ and Jay Z have been inside the white house numerous times, giving legitimacy to every utterance, idea and sentiment made by their music. Beyonce sang at the Obama inauguration.

    Did I ever mention that the single most wince-inducing comment that can be made on this site is “why should I care?”

    “Why should I care?” makes you sound like Alfred E. Neumann. “What, me worry?”

    Intellectually uncurious is not what we are about on iOTWreport.com

    The dominance of the left in pop culture has been identified as one the most egregious, asleep at the wheel, mistakes by the right, and “why should I care?” makes one sound proud of that fact.

  3. Well, everyone has dreams that they know will never come true. Mooch, like the rest of us, will wake up to that fact and grudgingly
    go back to the job he is both qualified for and able to do: Organ Grinder Monkey!

  4. Gosh. Who would ever think she would ever hang out her jealousy for all to see? Never mind the death daggers that shot out of her eyes at the blonde preezy was doing selfies with at Mandela’s service.

  5. Do not forget that various singers and groups have been “invited” to the white house, but not by Obama. Being a muzloid, all music is forbidden. If he has requested a musical act to perform at any gov’t function, he was told to do so by Jarrett so he doesn’t seem too muzloid.

  6. That’s because Beyoncé doesn’t have to actually deal with any expectations or pretense in her relationship to others, to Americans as Americans. She can just be wealthy, privileged, and Black.

    And she probably never gets mistaken for “the help.” Oh, to be truly free – right Michelle?

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