Don’t Worry – When You Lose Your Job Due To Fast Track the Govt Will Be There To Help You


President Obama’s trade agenda lives to fight another day. The Senate this morning handed him the 60 votes he needed, voting 60-37 to end debate on his request for fast-track negotiating authority. It’ll vote on final passage for fast-track tomorrow, which the New York Times sees as “virtually ensured” as final passage needs just 51 votes. As earlier reported, 14 Democratic senators backed fast track in a late May vote, and 13 did so today.

The timeline, per the Hill: After the fast-track vote, the Senate will vote on a package that includes Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)—a measure that would provide job training and other help to people who lose their jobs because of the trade deal. Democrats have insisted TAA be paired with the fast track; some on the other side of the aisle oppose it. The House will then need to vote on it, and both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have pledged to make TAA law. As Politico puts it, today’s vote “came as Democrats wavered on whether to trust” them to do so.

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  1. You know it’s going to be a weird day when you wake up, turn on Fox News and agree with everything Elizabeth Warren is saying.

  2. No shit Brad.

    If Obama wants it, you can bet your ass that it’s no good for the ordinary hard working Ameican.

    Conservatives don’t have representation in DC other then a few men and women that are assailed from both sides of the aisle and the media.

  3. The treasonous criminals have sold out the nation’s sovereignty. I have at least seven ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, and they’re all doing about 6000 rpm in their graves right now.

  4. How in the hell can Ted Cruz finally figure it out. If his gut instinct isn’t to fight everything obama wants then he doesn’t have my support. What is he going to do now, make a speech and tell us how he has done everything he can to try and stop this? Give me a frickin break! I guess I’ll have a beer for lunch.

  5. He finally figured out guys like you and me were not going to vote for him. I’m still not. At least in the primaries anyway.

  6. We don’t have very many good choices. I’m not ready support anybody in the primaries yet. I really was excited about Cruz, and I was ready to put some effort into helping him. Not now. This might be a two beer lunch.

  7. I guess I lucked out. I retired at 50 last year. My wife says there was no point In Killing ourselves to be richer.
    10 million will do….12 million isn’t going to be that different.
    Thank you stock market.

  8. Post TPP training programs for job displaced US citizens:

    -Begging on street corners (white men only)

    -Pimping out your children to recently immigrated turd world degenerates.

    -Cleaning up litter and graffiti left by shitbag Mexicans for $5 per day.

    -Insurance scams for people who used to be productive taxpayers.

    -Stealing from the old and disabled (with home invasion lab in second quarter)

    -Culturally justifying Latin American, Muslim, and Asian Rape Culture Violence for assholes who think they’re feminists.

  9. If a law needs to passed to help those who will be displaced by a new law, there’s something very rotten with the new law.

  10. Yes, but look on the bright side. The dollar will be worth the same as a peso; America will be a third world country like Mexico; rape, murder, drugs and bribery will be the order of the day; there won’t be taxes because no one will have a job (or food); but King Hussein and Queen Michele will live like royalty.


  11. I retired at 55 with 5 Canadian quarters.

    The wife said “Why wait til 60 and have 7 Canadian quarters?”

  12. He voted against it. But mean while the Republicans he talked into voting for it over the last several weeks still voted for it.

  13. That would be Palin. The Blaze is reporting that FOX didn’t renew her contract (or did she pass on re-signing with them?), which is what you do if you’re running for office.

  14. He asked to come on Levin’s show Tuesday night because he was getting so much heat in the Breitbart comments. The “I voted for it before I voted against it” excuse sounded as weak as it did in his op-ed.

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