Doug Mackey Convicted for a Meme Mocking Hillary Clinton Voters – IOTW Report

Doug Mackey Convicted for a Meme Mocking Hillary Clinton Voters


As we’ve reported earlier, this is the most important First Amendment case in the country. The Biden DOJ is attempting to codify the disinformation scam into the criminal code. Mackey’s meme conviction, for which he could face up to 10 years in prison, represents the complete breakdown of the rule of law and constitutional norms in this country—we are in uncharted territory.

Mackey’s attorney has released the following statement:

“This case presents an unusual array of compelling appellate issues.  I am optimistic that the conviction will be vacated.” More

The democrat who created the same misinformation meme aimed at mocking republicans remains untouched by authorities. Here

13 Comments on Doug Mackey Convicted for a Meme Mocking Hillary Clinton Voters

  1. I bet if someone goes back and has the stomach to watch late night “comedians” like Kimmel or SNL, you would find them making the exact same joke.
    I know some Asian cunt did about Trump and she is NOT being charged.

  2. His jury pool will be the same gaggle of incompetent lib rejects that will sit on the Trump jury. Justice, fair play or the pursuit of the truth will not even be a speed bump for these zealots.

  3. Millions have made jokes about joke-worthy Hellary.

    DOJ is un-American, or worse, anti-American. It must have learned about justice from Joseph Stalin. Sad.

  4. Since ignorance is not a crime how can the left convict someone for exploiting it. The left has been doing it for decades.

  5. What was the meme? How can I find it or will they try to give me 10 years fer lookin’ at it?….I likes lookin’ at stuff…

  6. What about Mudflap’s severed head meme?

  7. The Left can’t meme.

    So now they made it so no one else can either.

    Its how they roll.

  8. This is what motivates their fixation on real Americans owning semiautomatic rifles.

  9. All negro jury, no doubt. They do what they’re told.

  10. jury/offspring of the same group of d-suckers that let simpson walk, no doubt

  11. They need to be made terrified of us – completely.

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