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Dr. Strange Candidate (Or How I Learned Stop Worrying and Love “The Donald”)

Ben Shapiro makes an excellent argument for all the positives a Donald Trump candidacy brings to the Republican party at this point in the race.


If it helps to gets some of the stiffs and RINO out early, I say Run, Trump, Run.


I would enjoy seeing Trump nuke the Democrats for a change, though.

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  1. I can’t stand trump or the morons who think he’s our savior, but it is funny to watch him bash leftists. His takedown of Neil young was priceless. Saying that Rick Perry started wearing glasses to look smart also cracked me up. Thanks the Donald. Be sure and tell your supporters to vote for Cruz before you bow out

  2. If you don’t like being lied to and if you don’t like candidates who fold like a cheap suit at the first hint of leftie pouting, start supporting Donald Trump. He may not make it to the finish line but he’s showing America what red blooded, American men look like.

    Otherwise, you’re supporting the metrosexual Muslim Marxist example of lies, distraction and dismissal emulated by the media and political class.

  3. I don’t know whether you mean “libertarians” or “Libertarians” from your sentence structure. I don’t care what capital-L Libertarians make of anything as they are generally poseurs. Small-l libertarans, distinguished by the Non-Initiation Of Force (NIOF) principle, recognize The Donald as an authoritarian who, although he wants less govt involved in commerce and economic activity, wants more in other areas. He’s a mixed bag, but at the end, not a good choice for president. However, he is an outstanding addition to the campaign scene and politics in general because he just doesn’t give a sh!t about sacred cows and the commentariat.

  4. If he succeeds at moving the party further right (immigration) and grow a spine (don’t coddle to media)….Trump will have done more for the party than has happened in the last 8 years.

  5. Nice job Uncle Al…. Maybe you could comment on each candidate and explain who they are from your point of view. So would he still be a populist or is that wrong.
    Certainly had never heard of small l vs large L libertarians.
    [ Small-l libertarans, distinguished by the Non-Initiation Of Force (NIOF)]
    Wow…. WTF is that NIOF. That is really impressive. I don’t know if your bashing large L or not. Capitol L are poseurs
    But that is very interesting.

  6. BFH could photoshop Trump’s face & “Make America Better” hat into it – the pic would be perfect then

  7. So I looked up NIOF
    Night In Old Fredericksburg (NIOF)
    Neutron Interferometry and Optics Facility
    National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

  8. Also, I’ve seen people use the term “Libertarians” when they really mean “Liberals”. I’m not saying that’s the case here, of course, but it does happen, and you have to watch out for it.

  9. NIOF is one acronym. Another is ZAP, for Zero Aggression Principle. It is a very simple principle despite the jargon. In the most basic terms, it is wrong to start a fight. I emphasize “start” because it is absolutely right to use any necessary force to defend yourself (or your family or your property) from somebody else who started the fight. Ultimately, the argument in favor of NIOF/ZAP goes to the nature of what a human being, and what distinguishes us from all other animals. Or sapient plants or minerals, I suppose, but I haven’t seen any signs of those.

    This applies to what I termed “small-l libertarians.” The large-L kind are members of the Libertarian Party. I used to be a member of and significant supporter of the LP. I have even been the official campaign treasurer for a Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate. Anyone who has been involved knows that the campaign treasurer is the only official who faces hard time in prison for violating the finance laws, so you can be well assured that I was serious about the LP and what its people were trying to do. Then along came people such as Bob Barr, but that’s a story for another time.

    As for evaluating the candidates, declared or not, in the 2016 presidential race, it is clear after a few seconds of looking at each one’s positions that every one fails the ZAP test. The last presidential candidate who explicitly adhered to the ZAP was Ron Paul.

    Enough for tonight. Sweet dreams, everyone!

  10. Like someone else said, if he somehow did win, he’d better have picked a good VP because, knowing Trump, after about a year or so he’d get bored and resign the position to go do something different.

    ; D

  11. With him taking the lead in some polls there’s plenty of egg on both R & D faces and I’m loving every minute of it. 😉

  12. “I would enjoy seeing Trump nuke the Democrats for a change, though.”

    Trump IS nuking the Democrats. What did you think McCain and Graham were?

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