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Dumbasses Complain About Gentrification When They Were the Ones That Caused It

Idiots got together to chant their way through another crisis. And it rhymed, almost.

Apparently Cambridge is too expense for black people. But how did it get that way?


“Gentrification is killing Cambridge and the people of color who live here are disappearing,” said a woman at the demonstration. Currently, 11 percent of housing in Cambridge is considered affordable. The group said they want to see the number raised to 25. Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons said the city is working on it.

“We’re all here for the same reason, which is how do we keep Cambridge diverse? How do we keep Cambridge economically welcoming to all residents everywhere? So I stand with you, I applaud your efforts,” Simmons told the people at the rally. Cambridge City Councilor Marc McGovern said 49 percent of Cambridge’s middle class has left the city in the past decade because the cost of living has gotten so high. The City Council said they hope to have an agreement on affordable housing by the end of the year.

So let me get this straight. Rich white people wanna move to Cambridge because it’s so desirable. This then makes home prices increase, and rent increases with it. As a result of this they inadvertently forced low income people, many of whom are not white, to leave Cambridge, and thus Cambridge has become whitewashed. Now these same white people who created this situation are freaking out because their city has become gentrified and they can no longer brag to all their friends at the organic coffee shop about how diverse their neighborhood is.

Luckily Turtleboy has a solution for these white guilt ravaged Cambridge residents – everyone sells their home to a person of color. Just find a nice family that’s not white, and take whatever they can afford to give you. Sure, you’re probably gonna end up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because you’re gonna have to drastically underprice your house. But it will all be worth it because you did your part to make Cambridge more diverse.

Boom. Diversity solved.


You have to go see the video.

It’s the morons protesting. It starts with some of the people in the group friggin’ up the easy to remember chant. (The people, united, will never be divided.)

The guy who corrects the idiots that can’t remember the chant is simply overjoyed to be chanting. He looks high as the national debt, and it matters little what the sing-song is, he just wants to smile and bop his head back and forth. They could have been chanting his pin number, he didn’t care.

Panning back, I kid you not, we see a hipster doofus give a little extra twist on his waxed mustache, you know, the kind that Chris Loesch sports.

There’s a dyke. There’s a blue-haired girl. There’s a guy chanting, holding a sign up and checking his iPhone for likes or updates.


If you were making this as parody people would tell you it was too ham-handed and “on-the-nose” with its stereotypes.

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  1. Move in the Mexicans. They can afford any rent by housing several families per dwelling. Be warned though. They park their cars in the yard.

  2. It happens in Denver too and another missing element is the yuppies moving in are paying minorities (Hispanics here) $400k for a tear down house they bought for $50k years ago. So they aren’t being taken advantage of. And they are big on affordable housing too but all that does is drive prices higher… They make builders pay into a fund, the builders increase new home prices, that increases the cost of existing homes and voila, now everyone pays more except the lucky few in the subsidized housing but they too are screwed because they have limited upside on properties they purchase. Gotta love liberalism!!

  3. What? Cambridge was all white in the early 90s.
    Black lives didn’t matter then. They still don’t.
    Bullshit flag wave.

  4. in today’s america, “culturally diverse neighborhood” usually means “ghetto”. along with “primarily (insert minority here) neighborhood”. just saying…

  5. Can someone please explain why diversity is such a desirable thing? I have no interest in living amongst poor people, people who don’t speak English, people who are not educated, people who do not adhere to middle-class values, peopke who are critical in ally inclined, people who think it’s okay to have seven children with six fathers, people who are moronic libtards, hipster doofi who wear their baseball caps backwards because they’re too cool for school……

    In other words, I can only live in Bronxville and a few other places. Problem is, I can’t afford it.


    Also, don’t want to live amongst people who think rap music is art. It’s shit.

  7. How come whenever these confused people talk about “diversity” they never mean diversity of thought? Who are the racists, again?

    “Gentrification” is a $14 word for Whole Foods across the street from Starbucks and a Crossfit tucked away around the corner. It also means the sidewalks and shop entries don’t smell like pee.

  8. Mascot ideologies. Stinkin’ hilarious that white guilt is a permanent malady of those who tried to infect the rest of us with it.

  9. These insufferable gasbags have no idea just how destructive they are to a pleasant neighborhood or society in general. Problem is there appears to be no way of stopping them.

  10. Selling “your” house to more diverse “owners” doesn’t protect them from rapacious government rent seeking – sorry, “necessary” taxes. No. The only workable solution is for “owners” to rent “their” houses to more diverse residents, at whatever rate the new residents can afford, while the current “owners” make up the difference lusted for by “their” government. Well, at least until “their” government decides they don’t like the way “their” houses are being used, and seize them, that is.

  11. “Move in the Mexicans. They can afford any rent by housing several families per dwelling. Be warned though. They park their cars in the yard. ”

    True dat!

    Lady next door had to sell her house to help Mom and Dad with OldTimers. Sad.

    Worse for me: I don’t know how many families there are that moved in, but it’s a lot of people in a 1,100s.f. house and they have six vehicles with one always inched up close to my drive entrance in permanent park. Guessing it needs repair. Annoying as all get out.

    Also, had to ask them not to mow my part of the lawn on their side of my driveway. They scalp when they mow and I do the opposite – as high as the mower goes. They have almost all weeds now and I have a lush lawn. Not really rocket science.

    Of course, I had to talk to the 10 year old mowing the lawn – only the kids understand English.

  12. “Can someone please explain why diversity is such a desirable thing?”

    It’s only desirable to people who hate straight white people and want to eradicate them.

    But you knew that already.

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