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White Europeans Go Home!!!! (where??)

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  1. Biden, Kennedy, Carter and Obama.
    4 of the worst kind … they’ll all be flushed soon.

    Immigrants have more rights and benefits than Disabled Veterans.

  2. I’m afraid there will be no quick or easy resolution to this problem until there is blood spilled throughout the country. The commies want our country and the democRATS are just stupid enough (be cause they are educated and enlightened) to give it to them. So it looks like the REAL Americans will have to fight the liberals as well as the foreign invaders.

  3. Doc, completely agree with what you say. The longer we wait, the worse are chances of success are. For the life of me I can’t understand our politicians motivation. And maybe that’s no longer important. By more Ammo.

  4. It AIN’T about us “going home.”
    The objective is to bring
    these filthy primitives in to the USA
    Not tomorrow or the day after,
    but as demographic counter-ballast
    without regard to integration or adherence
    to OUR culture.

  5. My Mom is of German and Irish lineage, and my father of Mexican lineage. Since I’m half Latina, do I get to stay? Or, since I look 100% European, do I have to go back to Europe? And if have to go back to Europe, do I get to choose between Germany and Ireland, or will that choice be made for me? And since my dad’s family is from Mexico, there’s probably some Spanish DNA in the mix as well, so would Spain be an option?

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