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Elderly Boomers Getting Too High Off Their Much More Potent Supply

Red State

Buzzkill alert: a new study from the University of California San Diego shows some seriously high numbers, as Cannabis-related hospital visits for Golden State residents over 65 increased by a smokin’ 1,800 percent between 2005 and 2019.

UCSD geriatric medicine specialist and lead author of the paper Dr. Benjamin Han warns that it’s high time to point out that Grandma getting baked has risks:

“We don’t often think about older people using drugs but they do, and these numbers are increasing sharply,” Han said.

The problem? This isn’t Woodstock weed; today’s iterations are much more powerful. Dude

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  1. and to grow the new improved varieties, they pump CO₂ into the greenhouses.
    Pretty much standard procedure- everyone (almost) knows plants live and thrive on CO₂.

  2. Confession time: Did pot at 17, never touched it again until 63.

    Complained to a friend about chronic insomnia, said friend gave me a gummy. Didn’t hear the part about just taking half.

    Couldn’t sleep, took the whole gummy, thought I was dying. Had son drive me to ER, got detoxed..

    Nurses called me a CBD Virgin. Today’s shit is that powerful.

    I understand why us older folks panic and seek help.

    Treat me gently IOTW critters…

  3. I bet the hospital visits are mostly for consumption of edibles. Takes a little while for the affects to come on, someone not used to them will take more thinking nothing is happening. All of a sudden it starts happening.

  4. Smoked me some weed and hash for many years. Moved to acreage in the country with many chores and got tired of walking from the back 40 up to the shop to get something and forgetting why I was there or what I was looking for.

    I had to stop. It’s better that way. I don’t miss it at all.

  5. I got a couple of ‘medicinal’ cookies from a co worker. With long experience with the devil’s lettuce in my youth and an understanding that commercial products are usually tailored for the masses I figured it would be pretty low key. I ate one. Around half an hour later little was happening so I figured, yep, very low power, and ate the second cookie. Another half hour and I knew if I didn’t get home immediately I wouldn’t be able to drive so I took off and flat tripped for about four hours at home. Lesson learned. The old timey marijuana wasn’t good for developing brains, I can only imagine the destruction this modern version is doing to those kids. It probably helps explain the hordes of unemployed dole suckers and bums out there. Too fried to function, and permanently.

  6. Read this:
    htt ps://nida.nih.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/there-link-between-marijuana-use-psychiatric-disorders#:~:text=Several%20studies%20have%20linked%20marijuana,not%20always%20easy%20to%20determine.

  7. I think back to teenage me in the early seventies. Pot was an appetizer.
    Luckily I apparently do not possess an addictive gene as I tired of that as I did with drinking.

  8. It did wonders for my attention deficit disorder. Granted I was staring at a spot on the wall and listening to static on the radio for an hour and a half, but I was paying attention

  9. @Walter Johnson.

    You reminded me of a story from the early 1980s.

    I lived with 3 other guys in an Animal House north of Naples Italy. Some of us were stoners, but this guy, Joe, was always high. One day he made some brownies with hash.

    Other roommate did not partake in the dope thing, but he saw a plate full of brownies and ate two or three. Then he went to a Christmas party on the NATO base Officers Club with the Admiral and all the swells of the Navy. Apparently he was babbling like a buffoon. He finally got his way back home.

    What the hell was in those brownies?, he asked. It wasn’t actually funny, but it seemed to be so at the time.

  10. Back in the 70s, Cornell Univ Ag. Dept. did research for the .gov on growing weed. Needless to say the seed stock slipped out the door and if you knew the right peeps, well… It was indica, not sativa and it blew your doors off. One day I was doing 40 in a 55 and thought I was doing 95. That was the end of that business and haven’t touched it since.

  11. Also more pungent now. I just got back from Colorado, and I could smell unburnt weed fragrance emanating from cars in traffic on the expressway. And there was a cannabis dispensary within walking distance of our hotel, but I couldn’t bring myself to go in. It felt too weird to be able to buy it without skulking around. I guess that was part of the thrill way back when.

  12. This is the reason that I haven’t smoked dope since Labor Day 1975 when I was 22. God saved me from becoming a stoner back then and I will never touch the shit ever again. I will not become a basket case ever again; my life would’ve been entirely different if I had continued smoking pot and I don’t even want to know what or where I would’ve ended up if I had kept on being stupid or even if I would still alive or married a good woman like I did but it wouldn’t have been a good life full of God’s grace.

  13. Cynic

    Ditto. I just had Sinus Surgery. I swear it took me three days to get that shit out of my system. I don’t like getting stoned or drunk. A mild buzz is relaxing sometimes. But not being in total control bugs the shit out of me. Horrifying is an appropriate word.

  14. Smoked a lot of dope in the early 70’s started getting panic attacks on it gave it up a year later I spent 7 weeks ona psychiatric ward as I developed quite the anxiety disorder to this day if I smell weed I get a panic attack stopped smoking it December 19 1975

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  16. Anonymous JANUARY 12, 2023 AT 7:34 PM
    Still better than opiates for long-term pain management.

    Wife has suggested it many times.
    Won’t take the chance…

    Anything I’ve done more than twice and enjoyed I’m addicted to. After well over dozen surgeries and refusing to get back on the table again Norco is my friend. I treat it with great respect.

    Fifty years ago this summer the alcohol and other got bad enough that I quit it all. Back then I figured if I didn’t drop, snort or shoot, I was safe (smoking was okay…). Seen some nasty things happen to others. Still, I was wrong about being safe. The alcohol kicked my ass. Don’t believe any of the crew I ran with is still sucking air, but then at my age natural causes could have taken them.

    What we were smoking wasn’t that extreme unless you managed to get some opiated stuff or the hash oil added, then it could be interesting.

  17. Some people can be moderate with it. I know someone who has absolutely no willpower at all when it comes to the stuff; they’ll smoke until it’s gone.
    People like that should probably just take aspirin.

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