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“This Is My Voice”

Yeah, riiiight. Croak

h/t Little Sis

Watch video HERE.

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  1. This is from Loudermilk, which is available on Amazon Prime at no charge. I love it, just finished rewatching the series an hour ago. It centers on an AA group, with Livingston as the main guy.
    The episode ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ from season 3 has a fantastic message. One of the regulars in the group has extremely short arms, basically hands on his elbows. The actor is a Thalidomide baby, was born that way. A younger group member is inspired by him, and he ends up at a huge awards gala to receive an award ‘for bravery’. Simply because he is physically disabled. He is welcoming the attention, but realizes that they are simply calling him brave for being disabled to make themselves feel good. Great allegory to people praising others for coming out as gay, queer, etc.

  2. Left Coast Dan , That sounds like a good show. Re: Thalidomide. The FDA dragged their feet on approving it in the USA and then all those horrific birth defects occurred in other countries, Canada being one of them .


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