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Eleven Other Republicans Running in the Utah Senate Race


Utah republicans now have an even dozen candidates to choose from in their June 26th primary to run for the Senate in the Mid-terms. Eleven other candidates filed the necessary papers Thursday to challenge the notion of a Mitt Romney “coronation” to the U.S. Senate. More 

While most of the challengers are unknowns, Dr. Mike Kennedy has served as a state legislature and produced a campaign video this last week. Watch




13 Comments on Eleven Other Republicans Running in the Utah Senate Race

  1. Try Canada instead of Utah Mittens, you’d fit right in.

  2. The danger of that many candidates is that only Romney has real name recognition or fund raising ability.

    The other candidates need to get together and coalesce behind a legitimate challenger. Swallow your pride and do what is right for Utah and the nation.

  3. @ PHenry
    That’s how Lindsay keeps getting reelected.

  4. I read a while back that mitt was getting hammered for Romneycare and once being soft on abortion.

    It would be absolutely fabulous if he does not make the cut. I’ll be happy either way, of mitt wins he will be less of a disaster than McBraincancer and better than Orin Hatch.

  5. No Mitt Romney he can go back to Massachusetts

  6. I’m sure he will remind everybody how he single handedly rescued the OLYMPICS in Utah!

  7. Looks exactly like the splitter strategy used in the 2016 presidential election. Dilute the various interest groups so Mittens can win with only small minority of the vote. And just like Jeb, Mittens is a weak-ass candidate!

  8. Come on Utah! You can do better than Romney with any of the others in the primary!

  9. Will the real Conservative please stand up?

  10. Here in a Phx suburb, we live among many Mormons. Great neighbors, nice people, good kids. They didn’t like Romney when he ran for President, not Mormon enough? Dunno. They just had reservations about him.
    How will he do in a Mormon state- who knows.

  11. I am a Mormon in Utah and a County Delegate to the Salt Lake County Republican Convention (and have been Precinct Chair and State Delegate many times). I was very uncomfortable with Bro. Romney running for President. I don’t think he ran a good campaign and he got weaselly about his faith on more than a few occasions.

    I am not pleased that he is running for Hatch’s Senate seat, but he has chased off any legitimate contenders. Those that registered as candidates are assuming that the political ploy by a small cadre of Central Committee members to keep Romney off the ballot will pan out. I don’t consider any of them as serious or legitimate contenders. Honestly, if he ran as a write-in, he would likely win.

    For purely selfish reasons, I would vote for the man, if only because his political capital in Washington DC would almost assure that he be able to bypass seniority and get powerful committee positions right out of the gate. That would allow him to bring home the bacon. Until they change the rules, it is foolish to not play the game.

    As voters, we are fated to play the hand we are dealt. Like it or not, Romney is the winning card. The same logic drove me to vote for Trump, Bro. Mitt, McCain (that left a bad taste for sure), Dubbya, Dole (kind of a bland, textureless taste), and Dubbya’s Daddy (the second time was difficult, but made easier as a vote against Bubba. I honestly would have been sorely tempted to vote for Tsongas if he had won the Democratic nomination). I had no misgivings voting for Reagan and casting my first vote against the bungling, preachy, bunny-slaying shell-game-huckster was a pleasure.

    No, Samuel Parker is not a relation — well, not Senate candidate Samuel Parker.


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