Elitist D.C. area does not want new migrant shelter

American Thinker:

Rich part of Washington, D.C. goes tooth-and-claw to prevent new child-migrant shelter in its neighborhood.

Putting on its Victorian gentleman suit (pace Tom Wolfe), the Washington Post’s editorial board tut-tuts a rich part of Washington, D.C. and its political patrons, for pulling out all stops to prevent construction of a child-migrant shelter in its fancy environs.

MANY AMERICANS are rightly outraged by the Trump administration’s treatment of migrant children, who have been separated from parents and ill-treated by authorities. Democrats have been understandably eager to distance themselves from such policies — a stance that can result in knee-jerk opposition even to sensible practices in effect during the Obama administration.

That might explain the nearly uniform outcry from Washington-area politicians incensed at federal plans to build new shelters for migrant children in Northern Virginia and the District . The shelters, state-licensed and similar to scores across the county in operation since before President Trump took office, would help move migrant children out of squalid, cramped Border Patrol stations near the U.S.-Mexico border. They would provide a way station for unaccompanied minors while federal officials seek to place them with U.S.-based relatives or foster families.

But local politicians, nearly all Democrats, have balked at cooperating with federal authorities on any immigration matter. They have denounced the proposed new shelters with objections that smack of NIMBYism masquerading as humane concern for children. This month, the administration of D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) enacted emergency rules that blocked a planned federal shelter.

Just some misplaced never-Trumpism, maybe with a whiff of NIMBYism?

Actually, the area has been plagued by some of these child migrants, getting its name in the news more than once for its gruesome murders. Here’s one of them, courtesy of, sure enough, the Washington Post:

Edwin Rios, 18, of Southeast Washington has been charged with murder in the killing of Ariana Funes-Diaz, 14, Prince George’s County police announced Friday.

Funes-Diaz was slain April 18 by MS-13 gang members who feared that she would go to police about a kidnapping and robbery that had occurred in the District, prosecutors said.

Funes-Diaz was lured to a tunnel in Riverdale, Md., where she was forced to strip and then was beaten with a baseball bat and cut with a machete in an attack that was recorded on camera, charging documents state.

Her body was abandoned in the woods for a month before police found it in a creek near where she was attacked, police said.

Three others have been charged as adults in the case: Joel Escobar, 17, of Northeast Washington; Cynthia Hernandez-Nucamendi, 14, of Lothian; and Josue Fuentes-Ponce, 16, of Bladensburg.

The case sparked wider national attention after the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency rebuked Maryland officials, saying they had released Escobar and Fuentes-Ponce at the close of an unrelated case without notifying federal immigration authorities.

Those are some child migrants authorities are getting a new shelter pipeline set up for.  more here

16 Comments on Elitist D.C. area does not want new migrant shelter

  1. The DC Disease:
    The display of arrogance, hypocricy, amoral
    tribalism and general lack of any human conscience
    in these creatures would be horrifying if we
    hadn’t observed these traits in them since the
    rise of socialism in the 70’s.
    I would go on, but words fail.

  2. Bladensburg. Wow. The first night I ever worked on Bladensburg Rd, in DC, it was 4 inches of snow. I was frantically searching for Pole 13-F, or whatever the hell it was, and there was a swath of blood 2 feet wide and 100 feet long going up that alley.

    I turned to my cohort (night work was with a cohort in those days) and said, “The fucking alley is full of blood — I think we call this one off as a NA?”

    My cohort said, “Why’d you go this far? Let’s go run over some rats!”

  3. Cram it down their Fucking throats just like they are making us live with it.
    Have a few of their family killed or raped, all of their stuff taken that is not locked down and let them live with it.
    Asshole all of them.

  4. WOW, Geoff! That’s pretty extreme for you. Did you just have a double espresso, or maybe a double shot of tequila?

  5. Nancy may allow the relocation of this project to Baltimore if the price is right and those other realty projects get handled with all the proper and official papers works.

  6. joe6pak the dark side does come out now and then.
    But it is how I feel about the left.
    They are truly evil, and that is why I am so strident about everyone voting and helping out on the next election.
    Nope joe6 none of the above.
    We will have a few when we see you soon.

  7. Didn’t 0bama just buy 29 acres in Martha’s Vineyard? He has room for a shelter or five.

    I think he made an error though… I believe he wanted a house in Nantucket instead. He desperately wants to meet the man who lives there.

  8. There is no secret that the ‘elite’ have NO problem with us ‘commoners’ living as they dictate while they themselves are well distanced from the havoc, filth and mentally deranged.

  9. Wait a damn minute. I wouldn’t have expected this from American Thinker, but they lost me at “rightly outraged” when speaking of the American peoples’ attitude about Trump separating children from their illegal alien parents and their alleged treatment while in custody.

  10. The attitude isn’t surprising. It’s how their communists / socialists dictator mentors do it. But this is America where they should easily do it better than their inspirational examples in others countries.

    I however think DC / Va area is the best place to build a small center. Small so it will soon be over crowded requiring discharge of excess residence into surrounding communities to relieve the over crowding. Till next week when several new bus loads of replacement illegals arrive.

  11. Another problem that didn’t have to be were it not for the left’s lust for power and control.
    They’ll make certain that the over spill of these urchins never blight the communities where they live.
    “Just release them into the communities with the other scum”


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