Emily Lau: “This is Hong Kong, not Tiananmen Square”

Emily Lau is Foreign Affairs Coordinator for the Hong Kong Democratic Party. In this in-depth conversation, she told me what the uprising in Hong Kong is really about, why Hong Kong is so important to China’s economy, and noted that Canada in particular has a vested interest in de-escalating any conflict. – The Rebel Media

5 Comments on Emily Lau: “This is Hong Kong, not Tiananmen Square”

  1. Any square can be Tiananmen if you’re effective enough and I think the lady is suffering inside her bubble about what her government is fully capable of doing. Again.

    The ChiComs were ultimately rewarded by the world community for what happened in 1989.

    Any US company helping them to track down these protesters should be raided and seized this morning.

    Why won’t Google pull up? Because it needs to have the FBI logo load on their home page for what they, Yahoo and the rest have done. They’ve enabled the murder, arrest and torture of a generation of democratic activists in China and elsewhere in exchange for access. And if they had their way, they would do it to us here.

    For now, they focus on blacklists, silent banning and denying people’s rights to communicate, engage in fundraising or to work for their company. Tyrants all of them by their own words.


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