Wisconsin Family Discovers Living Frog in Organic Salad Container


A family in Wisconsin had a bit of a surprise while unpacking their groceries last week after discovering a stowaway thamanaged to make its way into their container of organic salad greens.

Video posted to Twitter by Karlie Allen, showed the moments after her brother noticed the frog inside the package of Simple Truth organic greens they’d purchased from a nearby Pick ‘N Save grocery store.

“I’m across the room and I hear a shriek and a thud,” Allen told WTMJ. “And my brother looks at [my mom] and goes, ‘Mom, why is there a frog in the salad?'”

“Oh my God, it’s literally alive,” Allen can be heard saying in the video as the camera pans to her mother who is cringing at the frog in the salad container. more here

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  1. We literally, ahem, drove by a place/restaurant on the county road today, Hillsdale,NY area and it looked rather nice. My navigator and mrs., checked the website? Froglegs! ‘Crispy’ it said on the menu.

    The place WAS packed,The Old Mill it’s called on NY23, near the Mass border.

  2. MJA
    AUGUST 18, 2019 AT 10:11 PM
    “Oh my God, it’s literally alive”

    “I wish people would stop using ‘literally’.”

    …That’s literally the most annoying abuse of language ever, literally…

  3. luv the statement from the company … “These situations happen from time to time when organic products are involved …from time to time we do see insects and other small animals such as frogs make it through packaging with fresh produce items.”

    see? all is well! little frog poop, it’s all good … especially, for all you ‘organic’ eaters … literally (sorry MJA, couldn’t resist)

  4. Ohforpetessake. (Cute little thing.)

    Do these people understand that their lettuce grows in the ground and all kinds of things have had contact with it? That’s why you wash. (I’ll take the frog over the pickers’ hands!)

  5. Less unnerving than the story I heard of a guy who ate a bagged salad and found a leach stuck to the back of his throat afterward. FFS… That story made me inspect every leaf of lettuce I eat with a dental mirror.

  6. As opposed to, “it’s literally dead”???

    Personally, I prefer literally alive, over dead in my fresh ORGANIC salad.

  7. ^^^^ Sns is right! … how come Wisconsin gets all the freebies? ^^^^

    whadda jip

    @Sns ~ every kitchen I ever worked in had cockroaches … even when I was wiring them!

  8. I’ve often wondered what inorganic salad greens would be…

    What would the inorganic salad greens be? Some shit from outer space? Like a bad movie? Carbon bonded to hydrogen. HOW THE FUCK DO INORGANIC SALAD GREENS EXIST?

    AUGUST 18, 2019 AT 10:41 PM

    “@Sns ~ every kitchen I ever worked in had cockroaches … even when I was wiring them!”

    …I know of a Chinese Restaurant that had a beer cooler that didn’t work. Turned out it was because when it was not running the motor was warm, so roaches moved in, then it started and there were SO MANY roaches, they jammed the armature and stalled the motor.

    …There’s a REASON this restaurant had such a roach problem between Buddhist sacrifices and an uncooperative bar, but that’s a different story for another time…

  10. It’s nowhere near as bad as what we have discovered in our government after Donald Trump opened the wrapper

  11. I’m with Supernightshade… Oh lookit the frog!

    I’d toss out the bag, and toss frog dude in the pond. This is, I think, normal shit. In the 1970s, late 70s, we had frogs in the Hungryman TV dinners. They were frozen, dead, and shit, before we baked them. We never thought to tell anybody. We was eatin Hungryman TV Dinners. We was po, and didn’t want anybody to know.

  12. Vietvet
    AUGUST 18, 2019 AT 11:30 PM
    “Couldn’t they have just had it toad away?”

    …they were GOING to hop to it, but it was after midnight when they got the wartent, and it’s lilly a problem when your toad vehicle reverts to a pumpkin…

  13. “There’s a baked at 350 frog in your peas…”

    “I’m gonna fucking puke… uhhh… what the FUCK?”


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