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Eric Holder Declares Barr Unfit To Be AG

Washington Times

Eric Holder, the former attorney general of the United States, former political hack for boss man Barack Obama, penned a scathing piece in The Washington Post against today Attorney General William Barr, calling him, get this, hold the phone, grab a seat and take a breath — “nakedly partisan.”

That’s not pot calling kettle black.

That’s lousy, stinking, lying, spying, contemptuous partisan pitbull calling guy-doing-his-job black. More

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  1. Holder is responsible for gun running to the Mexican cartels…remember fast and furious? He’s also responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, as a result, including one of our own border patrol.

    He singlehandedly destroyed the credibility of the Dept of Justice, and turned it into what it has become, ultra-corrupt.

    Holder is on my list for eventual justice. I hope he’s also on yours.

  2. The wingman is sounding nervous. Gotta get in front of it somehow.
    Bezos rag, along with the rest of the lying mainstreamers, are going to come out in force to defend/hide their treasonous actions. This is just the start. Barr and Durham better sleep with one eye open.

  3. What should we expect from a lying stinking filthy fukkin traitor?
    Holder was a worthless piece of shit when he was shilling for Clinton, and he was a more active worthless piece of shit while committing treason for Obola.

    Cited for Contempt of Congress, wasn’t he? Isn’t that one of President Trump’s impeachment articles? “Obstructing” Congress? That’s what Holder did when he refused the subpoena – but, of course, being an affirmative action negro shyster under a half-black, half-assed, moslem faggot president means never having to say you’re sorry.

    Absolutely fucking shameless.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Wait. Is dickHolder talking to us, or is this bullshit aimed at “HIS PEOPLE” ?
    NEVER FORGET, that as US AG, he made that distinction.

    So since I’m proudly not one of ‘his people’, any grouping you want that to be, racist blacks, communists, most corrupt politicians, shit-eater lawyers, career government parasites….

    I hope you die a painful death, you treasonous bastard !!!

  5. People need to dial back their racism. Truth™ is, Barr’s a lazy twatwaffle. By now, he should be running thousands of missiles to white supremacist neo-nazis. Weapons Of Mass Destruction™ convictions, to follow. If it weren’t for the color of his skin, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  6. Never Forget that Holder corruptly & incompetently ran Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during Clinton’s reign of terror, setting the stage for the mid-Aught’s housing collapse and The New Depression 2008-2016 (Obola’s entire time in office)

    He’s like a Reverse King Midas – everything he touched turned to $h!t.

  7. Obama’s “wingman” is starting to flap his jaws to try to protect his ward. I suspect Holder knows the DOJ/FBI scandal is going to end in Obama’s oval office and before it’s all over.

  8. My bet is that this POS Holder is relieved he got out in time to not get tarred with the Obama/Clinton spying & coup-plotting against Trump. Loretta Lynch will get thrown under that bus.

  9. Eric “I am not the American Attorney General; I am not the tall Attorney General; I am not the thin Attorney General. I am the Black Attorney General”?

    Oh, right: Fuck him! And all the rest of the Kommie Kenyans Krew.

    See what I did there?


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