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Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is a moron, except me

What do I mean by this bold, brash and immodest post title?

Well, it’s been my remark whenever rating political leaders. The one I most agree with, is me. And even he’s a disappointment.

Where is this going?

Judge Pirro is an idiot —> sometimes.


Judge Jeanine is a Donald Trump supporter, but even so, the hard hitting Fox News anchor tore into FBI Director James Comey on Saturday night for reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Judge Jeanine believes what Comey did to Hillary Clinton on Friday was wrong and unfair.  She does not believe the FBI Director should have reopened the case during the final days of the election.  In explaining why, Judge Jeanine revisited her failed campaign in 2006 when she ran for NY Attorney General.  The FBI opened an investigation into Judge Jeanine just prior to the election, causing her numbers to drop and her opponent to win.



Justice isn’t political. Would Comey not investigate Hillary Johnson because the election is coming?

Hillary Clinton does not get special treatment.

And if Hillary Clinton is being investigated there is no reason to keep quiet about it, particularly if Hillary is running around saying that Comey agrees with her, she’s done nothing wrong and she’s been cleared of all charges.

The public has the right to know when there is contradictory evidence out there, that Hillary isn’t particularly cleared and  clean.

If Comey sits on this and Hillary wins and then it’s revealed afterward that there is a continuing investigation, I think the public would be rightly furious.

Judge, you’ve got this one wrong. Sorry. You’re just speaking from personal experience, and it’s why jurors are excused during voir dire, and judges are recused when a conflict of interest is discovered.


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  1. BFH, you are pretty close to being right on the money, in fact you might be almost always right 99.5% of the time. Myself on the other hand, I’m pushing almost always right 99.9% of the time. 1/10th of 1 percent of the time I’m usually but I’ll concede my position for the sake of getting along.

  2. She’s so wrong on this. And she was screaming previously about the DOJ and everyone else hiding shit from the public. Oh so that’s supposed to stop because of an election? Please.
    She’s butthurt from her own experience and should have kept her mouth shut on this one because this is a continuing case that only came to light again because of that moron Weiner. If this had blown up after the election and cankles won, Pirro would be catching the vapors talking about, “How DARE the FBI bury this!!!!11”

    Yeah, so I’m sure you’re a nice lady and all, but STFU.

  3. Judge Napolitano also said Comey did not violate the Hatch act but did wrong publicly airing the letter to Congress. Open for different opinions. I believe in something as important as the election to POTUS, we the people have a right to know every pertinent detail, screw Hatch and the rest of the smug judicial politicos. If keeping a lid on this would get Clinton elected, screw that!! Trump doesn’t have this obtuse baggage, and that impresses the electorate more than Gramma Cankles who is approaching the status of “UNFIT TO SERVE”. She is going over the deep end.

  4. Pirro bitched about Comey not obeying his boss, the uber-corrupted Loretta Lynch. ReallY?? NOT only should Loretta be ignored, but she should have armed military arrest her at her desk and take her away, together with Obama, until the election is over to KEEP THOSE TWO FROM INTERFERING IN DUE PROCESS. Obama ordered Lynch to order Comey to stand down. Bull shit Barky. I strongly believe what is laying behind this panic on Barky’s part is truth about where he came from and what he really is.

  5. now now Norman. Pirro is a damned bit easier on the eyes than Cankles or the Persian Pomeranian Hummus. She is NYC sure of herself, like many there are. She has always before loved and defended Trump, even fighting with some of the lesbian harpies in Cankles crew she interviewed. I just am surmising her Sat night opening statement was in shock of the Comey turnabout. Not defending what she said. Besides, very nice Beewbies! ♥

  6. This tangled web of treachery, malfeasance and deceit permeates the gov’t at all levels. The puppetmasters directing it have been playing us for generations, and have nearly achieved a bloodless coup. Education and journalism have been co-opted, and Justice has been infiltrated. Feckless Congress has been an ineffective check on the Executive Branch, and the Courts are stacked.
    Recent disclosures might derail their plans, but they won’t go down without a fight.
    I imagine this is only the tip of the iceberg. Some players have been provided with an escape hatch (e.g. the Carlos Dangler laptop may afford Huma a bargaining chip against prosecution.)

    This also explains the resistance to Trump- neither Party owns him.

    Brace yourselves, it’s going to get *interesting*. They are playing to win, and they are getting desperate.
    You can expect some disturbances if Cankles is defeated.

  7. State’s Atty. Generals are prone to bullshit politically motivated investigations. States Attorney Generals are pressured by the same political apparatus they rely on for re-election. They become a corrupt tool of a political party willing to bastardize the electoral and judicial systems.

    There is to be a stark difference between the State’s Atty. General who is political and The FBI who are to be non-partisan and above political pressure.

    In her personal case, I agree. With Hillary’s case, I do not. The, so called, professional and non-artisan FBI has a duty and responsibility to investigate when laws are suspected of being broken. However, the FBI has been infected by the oversight of politicized DOJ who has repeatedly failed to approve FBI recommended investigations of Democratic Lawmakers and big contributors (such as the Clinton Foundations).

    The FBI must be cleared to act independently of the DOJ to prevent future political maneuvering.

  8. And speaking of morons: Coach Bobby Knight actually told a packed Michigan Trump rally (the second one today) that Donald Trump “isn’t going to be dragging a bunch of morons into his administration with him!” !!! Too hilarious.

    I like Judge Jeanine but she’s making this too personal. Comey finally did the right thing by his country. Now we’ll see if the job gets done right or if it simply ends up like Benghazi, F&F, Pigford, vote fraud and the rest.

  9. Jeanine, whether oily or not, is always a treat for the eyes.
    She laid the blame for the whole mess on the Clintons at the very end of her monologue, but leavened some out for Comey.
    I like her but would hate to have her mad at me.

  10. It was a disappointment when Judge Jeanine blasted Comey. He deserved it in July for sure and not sure if his motivation now is CYA. Whatever happens HRC does deserve all the BS that comes her way for so many things and reasons. She is not qualified to be the POTUS. Corrupt is her middle name!

  11. When did Comey *close* the investigation re: Hillary’s emails? I thought what he’d seen so far, didn’t warrant an indictment of Hillary. NOW, he has something new. So why is Comey wrong to pursue new evidence?

  12. Big mouth Lebanese broad with a shady Eyetalian husband is pissed off at a guy she said a few days ago was one of her best friends..
    She also say’s she’s big buds with Trump too..

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