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Mm Mm what?! Campbell’s Soup Wants Your Next Meal to Include Blood Test

Campbell’s Soup Wants Your Next Meal to Include Blood Test.

Newser: Campbell’s Soup wants you to draw some blood before planning your next meal. Quartz reports the soup giant has become the sole investor—to the tune of $32 million—in meal delivery startup Habit. When Habit launches next year, it will send customers a blood-testing kit to use at home. It will then use customers’ genetic data from their blood sample—along with their weight, height, waist circumference, and more—to craft meals tailored to each customer’s specific dietary needs.



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  1. I can give them a urine sample right now. Maybe even fecal, too, if they send a self-addressed stamped envelope.

  2. $32 million investment?
    They’ll get $400 Million by selling our DNA samples to federal law enforcement and government.
    Thanks, but no thanks Campbell’s, stick to your less than savory soup.

  3. OK! This is a great idea! Don’t any of you people get it? First sell us on the plan to use our DNA to taylor make the perfect diet for our health. Just imagine the benefits…just the right amount of nutrients and calories to help obtain and maintain the correct weight. Then through Social, Cultural and eventually Legal methods control yet another aspect of our live
    And you all act like they don’t have our best interests at heart. Remember a healthy citizen is a productive citizen.
    And any who doubt or forget that shall be compelled to attend free reeducation seminars.

  4. How about you just put some flavor in your soup and call it a day?
    Most of the soups are nothing but an oily mess of carrots and salt and judging my DNA isn’t going to make their food tastier. lol

  5. I’m glad I will not see another forty years.
    Soon there will be a new position at the local grocery store.
    Runners for taking back all the stuff the System says you can’t purchase.
    “I’m sorry, you have used up all of your monthly Bushmills allowance, Sir”
    I will show these bastards who knows him some lightning fast Cane maneuvers

  6. Started boycotting Campbell’s soup some years ago after noticing the halal certification on the cans. Also stopped buying Cavendish fries for the same reason.

  7. An unaware and compliant citizen will gladly supply their DNA sample to the shadow gov’t under the guise presented by campbell soup.

  8. “Dear customer, it appears that you are deficient in monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, and it also looks like your genes have not been modified yet either. This is your lucky day, we have just what you’re missing …”

  9. @Perspective: Yeah, I noticed that. Thought I might get a rise out of her with that comment, but nada. Hope she’s OK – maybe just busy or taking a break, and not ill or anything.

  10. Don’t think she is thin-skinned lol and I think it has been about three weeks.

    I know folks move aroud and get busy with their lives as priorities change, I dropped out for a couple of years myself.

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