Ex-NFL Player Caught Lying About Traffic Stop

He told everybody within ear distance that the cop put “a gun in his face.”

Al Sharpen is gonna regret the day he demanded cameras for cops, because the tally so far is that citizens are, more often than not, lying or exaggerating about their nightmarish interactions with the police.

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  1. I hate purses and keep my wallet under the seat most times. I don’t know how a man would resort to that when it’s easy enough to put a billfold or money clip in a back pocket.

  2. I hate purses and put my wallet and keys in my pockets. Just like a man. Under the seat is ludicrous. Have we met?

  3. Oh no you dint – “What would a normal person do…” ?!?!?

    Ossifer, jes so you no, “normal person” be code for “white person”. But you wount no dat ’cause you white privilege ‘n shit.

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