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Face in the Towel

Meerkat saw the Trump-in-the-bathroom-tile post and shared a picture he snapped because he saw something in the towel.

Do you see it?

I will reveal his title later on. when you read the title it’s easier to see.

In the meantime, what do you see, and what would you call it?

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  1. Lawrence of Arabia bogarting a joint in a sandstorm while being annoyed by kittens crawling up his burkha … what I win?

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I once dropped dental floss into the wastebasket and it looked like a line drawing of Elvis. It really did, I thought about taking a photo of it. But now it exists only in my memories. 🙂

  3. Well, I wunce had a bad case of the dribblin shitz – and after a bout of the flutters, it lookt like a dragon in the bowl – and when I flushed it swirled into Al Sharpton’s face for an instant before it went down.

    No Shit.

    I meen, Really!

    JohnS was there – he shud rememvjer –

  4. I can see it but it really does look like a rumpled towel and nothing else. Maybe it’s a subliminal suggestion of someone’s face, who knows. It does have a unibrow and a long thin nose with the left eye showing and the right eye obscured by the unibrow. Maybe it’s Jesus in a towel.

  5. Is it Barack smooching Hillary’s smelly lady bit? It’s either that or a buzzard eating a dead possum.

  6. It looks like Trumps hair, Bernie’s chin in his hand and Obama’s shit dribbling outta Hillary’s mouth.
    What a cheap monitor gets me to see.

  7. @BFH:

    I’m abandoning Meerkat’s title and I’m going with Patronis’s Steven Tyler.

    Steven Tyler it is! But don’t abandon Meerkat’s title, dismiss it scornfully if you must, but what the heck is Meerkat’s title?

  8. @Whatshername: I’m glad some one else saw Clint Eastwood, too. I was originally going to say it was Clint Eastwood biting the nose off an attacking bunny rabbit (eat your heart out, Jimmy Carter), but then I thought, “Nah, nobody else will see that. They’ll think I’m crazy.”


  9. Meerkat’s title had to be Mohammed…in a towel, with Colonel Mustard bludgeoning him to death with a candle stick…

  10. @geofraz, Let me guess.

    “Meerkat smokes alot of weed?”
    No, none. And “a lot” is two words. for future reference.

    Patronis, Your suggestion onto Steven Tyler has finally broke me from my other evaluation. Thank you!!!

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