Do you see Trump in the floor tile?

Some guy sees Trump in a floor tile… and it makes Twitchy. Well, to be fair, it made it here too.



It looks more like Charles Laughton to me.

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  1. He doesn’t smoke pipes and it looks like there is a pipe hanging out of the invisible mouth so it can’t be Trump.

  2. There’s something funny in that pipe if anyone sees either Trump or Charles Laughton if you know what I mean. If you look at the larger picture on top I see a cow. But I’m also slightly colorblind and can’t make out much from looking at patterns where everything is all jumbled together. It’s just a friggin tile.

  3. Lol Geoff, You’re the best kind of customer a tile guy could hope for.

    I swear, some customers have a mental problem seeing something “not quite right” everywhere they look.

    Most tiles are machine-made, these tiles repeat these “random” patterns all the time. You better account for that when laying them or it looks lame. There has to be other tiles with the exact same image to it.

    Unless you bought the line of tiles called “I see Jesus in my tile!” with celebrity faces. They make sure only one exists in the batch…

    I saw the face on the front page’s smaller version. Didn’t see the pipe until I came here.

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