Facebook Admits To Running Fake Political Ads From Russia

The social media giant, Facebook, recently informed congressional investigators that they had accepted 3,000 ads from a known “Russian troll farm” and were paid $100,000 from June 2015 to May 2017.

While none of the ads backed a particular candidate, Facebook stated that they focused instead on “divisive social and political messages across the spectrum.”

Facing mounting pressure to re-release these fake ads, Facebook has admitted that some of them were to promote political events during the last election.


More on the admission Here

More on the political events that were promoted Here



5 Comments on Facebook Admits To Running Fake Political Ads From Russia

  1. Interestingly enough one could argue that the “events” promoted by the russian groups would serve Democrats more then Republicans as it would give the left ammunition with to use against conservatives including charges of racism. In any event it’s interesting that Facebook and Zuckerman is fessing up to this now while Mueller is conducting his witchhunt.


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