Peak Trump Derangement Syndrome

I haven’t mentioned The Daily Kos, the execrable site piloted by the quiffy Markos Moulitsas, in quite awhile. But this behavior needs to be exposed.


The family of an 8-year-old Claremont boy says it is trying to determine what led him to suffer from rope burns around his neck in the backyard of a home near Barnes Park late last month.

The boy’s grandmother, Lorrie Slattery, said her grandson and a group of teenagers were playing in a yard in their neighborhood around 5 p.m. on Aug. 28 when the teens started calling the boy racial epithets and throwing sticks and rocks at his legs.

The situation escalated when some or all of the teens stepped up on a picnic table and grabbed a nearby rope that had been part of a tire swing, Slattery said.

“The (teenagers) said, ‘Look at this,’ supposedly putting the rope around their necks,” Slattery said. “One boy said to (her grandson), ‘Let’s do this,’ and then pushed him off the picnic table and hung him.”

 It’s not clear based on Slattery’s account if the rope was forced over the boy’s neck or if he allowed it there voluntarily.
The boy sustained cuts to his neck and was airlifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. He has since been released.

The boy did not suffer any internal injuries, Slattery said. “I think he had a guardian angel.”

She said an interviewer who specializes in child abuse and spoke to her grandson at DHMC said the boy swung back and forth by his neck three times before he was able to remove the rope from his neck; Slattery said none of the teens came to his aid.

Last Monday wasn’t the first time the neighborhood teenagers used racial slurs against the boy, Slattery said, leading her to believe her grandson was targeted because he is biracial. She said she heard the term “lynched” was used during the incident.

According to Slattery, no adults witnessed what happened, so she and others have been forced to piece events together from accounts of the children who were there. Among those in the backyard at the time was the boy’s 11-year-old sister, who went and found their mother, Cassandra Merlin, shortly after the incident.

Merlin drove her son to nearby Valley Regional Hospital, where he was later transferred to DHMC.

Merlin referred comment to her mother.

On Tuesday, Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase confirmed his department is investigating an incident from Aug. 28 that involves several juveniles, but he declined to provide the details or even confirm whether the injuries to Slattery’s grandson was the incident in question, citing laws that protect the identities of juveniles.

“It remains under investigation,” he said.


A few things.

The boy’s grandmother, this Slattery lady, how long was she watching this “lynching”?

She watched and heard the 14 year-old throw rocks and sticks at her 8 year-old grandson’s legs, calling him racial epithets, and just kept on watching as it escalated into standing on a picnic table and hearing the word “lynching” thrown around and did nothing?

 Among those in the backyard at the time was the boy’s 11-year-old sister, who went and found their mother, Cassandra Merlin, shortly after the incident.

Merlin drove her son to nearby Valley Regional Hospital, where he was later transferred to DHMC.

Merlin referred comment to her mother.

Uhhh, wasn’t the grandmother witnessing the incident? Why would the sister run around looking for the mother, who then drove the kid to the hospital.

Why didn’t the grandmother call 911? Perhaps because the grandmother wasn’t there and the entire “witness account” was made up?

It certainly sounds like the police aren’t convinced of this tale.

… he declined to provide the details or even confirm whether the injuries to Slattery’s grandson was the incident in question.

And this kid is “bi-racial”? He’s whiter than me. He’s whiter than Shaun King – Talcum X.

Let’s put aside the “story” and focus on the brain-addled Daily Kos and its denizens. Here is their coverage-

Trump Effect: Biracial 8-year-old boy lynched by teenagers in New Hampshire

According to Egberto Willies  the kids in the backyard have become bigoted lynchers just this past year. They’ve been influenced by “Trump’s bigotry.”

Trump’s bigotry towards blacks is not explained by Eggheadio. But that doesn’t stop the morons in the comment section from being whipped into a lather by this moron writer.

The chief seems more concerned about the well-being of the teenagers that did the lynching than of the young man lynched. Angela Helm of The Root says it best-

*Notice how he called these predators “young children,” infantilizing the white teens. Conversely, teens like Trayvon Martin are made out to be hulking, menacing adults. Chief Chase seems to be centering the perpetrators’ feelings and futures, all but forgetting about the trauma of a little boy who had his so-called friends hang him from a tree to the point where he had to be medevaced to a hospital.

Trayvon Martin was 17, but the media insisted on showing pictures of him when he was 14. The oldest of these kids was 14, the age the liars in the media kept depicting Trayvon so they could call him a young boy. This is how Eggheadio rolls.


Baileywick  Trump and Bannon and the rest of those bigoted assholes have never understood (?) that words and actions have consequences that reach far beyond their precious little world of greed, chauvinism, bigotry, racism and hatred.

If only we could get Trump to walk the level streets of America for a day or two we could make him see, feel and understand what life in the US is actually like.

Fat chance.

What words, exactly?

– HashHoward

Put #JabbaTheTrump’s neck where the 8-year old’s was for one minute.

Calling for the president to be lynched.


Exactly what I was thinking.  If those who advacate for violence is made to endure the same violence, such as rape, being hung like this unfortunate youth, once they experience the pain and mental anxiety experienced by the victim, maybe they would sing a different tune, like U.S. Secretary of Education, Mrs DeVos and the president himself.

Wouldn’t HashHoward have to “endure the same violence” for advocating violence? The stupid burns on this site.


Get Trump and Bannon to walk the streets for a few years… but first freeze all their assets, wipe all trace of their original identities and issue them new ones — driver’s licenses, social security numbers, etc, then surgically alter their faces to be utterly unrecognizable — maybe giving them features that make them look Hispanic or half-black. That might do it.

How about, to make it really fair, you alter their brains too?


I’d love nothing more than for tRump to be kidnapped,  placed in someone’s car trunk,  driven to the south side of Chicago at midnight and kicked out of the car to be left to the mercy of whomever(?)

Is this not an extremely racist thing to say? It’s also another call to violence and would trigger the “endurance of the same violence” rule, no?

These people are asinine.


I agree 100%.  Make America HATE again was Trump’s actual motto.  His plan is working all too well.

They are the haters.  The hate the left is fomenting is unfounded. They hate because their political agenda was halted.

And now, the money shot —

According to an earlier report, the grandmother wasn’t there. She was relaying what she was told by the boy’s 11-year-old sister, who was nearby when the attack started. 

So, we’re playing telephone, at best. But that’s good enough for these thickheads to go berserk.

It’s a shame Hillary didn’t win because this incident would have NEVER HAPPENED!!!!

(eye roll)


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  1. You know what? They all sound stupid. The kids, the family, the article and the commenters.
    I’m sure a gofundme page will be started just before they find out this whole thing is a hoax or something.
    Don’t care.

  2. When I was young, this idiot neighbor kid fancied himself as a daredevil.
    He jumped out of windows and did all kinds of crazy shit.
    One time he let an automatic garage door close on his chest.
    It nearly killed him before reversing.
    My guess is this kid volunteered to be hanged.

  3. Even if they are calling the kid, Zebra, or whatever, they are only doing it because they want to find something that might upset the kid. THAT’S WHAT KIDS DO!!!

    If the kid had a glass eye they would be calling him Sammy.

    The morons on the Daily Kos keep saying “Trump should walk a mile in the real world.”
    Pffffft – these idiots don’t seem to know the real world.

    They think kids sit around discussing Chaucer? No, they sit around trying to think of rebellious, slightly dangerous things to do, while making fun of their friends.

    You spend most of your time trying to stay out of the laser beam of the biggest smart aleck of the group.

    It’s a microcosm of the work environment. which explains why no one at the Daily Kos understands this.

  4. Exactly. Being stupid children somehow becomes a raycis situation.
    And I like how people are so quick to post aaaallll their business on FB and twitter right away, no matter what it is about and how it can be interpreted. So sick of it.

  5. The kids in this biracial family look like they have more than 1 father, out of wedlock as she refers to her ‘boyfriend.’

    It’s my assumption, based on a few pictures, the kid was picked on because he’s chubby and goofy looking. That was good enough for us when I was a kid. Not to mention piss poor parenting.

  6. There is something odd about the reports I’ve read of this incident. It seems the press is going out of their way to not mention the race of the perpetrators. The conclusion hastily drawn to conform to the leftist narrative is these are little white monsters of the Trumpjugen. That very well may be and if so it is concerning that this happened in New England rather than in places more historically associated with this kind of behavior.

    But I have a feeling these ‘teenagers’ may not be of the Caucasian persuasion and that’s why the liberal press is burying the facts. If this is the case then all those champions of civil rights gathering there are exposing their own biases rather than the high-minded ones they espouse. They may be confronted with a realization that all lives matter and all people can be racist.

  7. The boy looks like just about every kid I knew growing up. He’s a little chubby, and that might garner a few taunts here and there. He’ll grow out of it and kick all their asses. I’ve seen it before.

    The girl is cute, and cute girls, no matter what their ethnicity, are not made fun of by boys… ever. Unless they really like her and don’t know how to interact with girls they like. Then they make fun of them because they just want the interaction. It’s a weird adolescent dynamic.

    Cute biracial girls are usually made fun of by black and Spanish girls.

  8. “Get Trump and Bannon to walk the streets for a few years… but first freeze all their assets, wipe all trace of their original identities and issue them new ones — driver’s licenses, social security numbers, etc, then surgically alter their faces to be utterly unrecognizable — maybe giving them features that make them look Hispanic or half-black. That might do it.”
    And inside of two years, they’d be richer than you, living in a better place than you, driving a better car than you, and not because they’re hiding out from the police.

  9. Do you know how Trump personally affects my life? Not at all. I’ve never met the man, and he has never met me. Trump doesn’t know a thing about my personal life, and there is no reason he should care at all. Trump is the President, and some of his political moves may somewhat affect me – my taxes may go up or down and things like that – but I don’t order my affairs on Donald Trump’s opinion about anything.

    Leftists act as though the personal approval of the President is vital to how they live their lives. That is a sad and pathetic way to go about your day. The President is important from a Federal policy standpoint, but frankly he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the minutia of anyone’s life, including how your children play in the yard. He doesn’t have time to keep track of these things, and that’s your job as a parent.

    Any politician, including the President, should be watched so they don’t use the power of the government to screw up your life. But expecting the President to make your day wonderful or blaming the President for your fuck-ups is just stupid.

  10. Maybe if the liberal media / entertainment wasn’t so divisive and race oriented kids wouldn’t be exposed to this thinking. But clearly this is all Trump’s fault.

  11. If the attackers had been white I would expect that to be a key feature in the story. If they are all under aged we may never know the race and the key details will be buried in the juvenile justice system.

  12. I found her FB page, she has 4 kids, the youngest is clearly biracial, the oldest her only daughter looks hispanic, the 8 year old looks white as well as the next to youngest.
    She appears to be one of those who can’t grow up and all of her kids look like they have a different father. Her latest boyfriend is apparently a real winner according to comments, one who a year ago had a warrant out for his arrest.

    You’d think when you put your name out there you’d make your FB page private. Her baby appears to be very ill though, poor little guy.

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