Fapple Turnovers


Three Nebraska high school students are facing criminal charges after mixing their semen into frosting that was later spread on a turnover that was consumed by their home economics teacher, cops report.

The vile incident occurred Thursday at Westside High School in Omaha and involved a trio of freshmen (ages 14 and 15).

According to police, the suspects excused themselves from a Family and Consumer Science class and went at various times to the bathroom. Cops allege that after masturbating into containers, the boys returned to the classroom.

The suspects then mixed the ejaculate into frosting that they subsequently applied to turnovers that had been baked in class. Investigators say that the teacher consumed part of a tainted turnover as she went through the classroom and sampled her students’s creations.

The 58-year-old teacher later learned of the tainted frosting when another student reported overhearing the suspects discussing their plan.


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I guess this could be one of those revolting parlor games:

Would you rather eat…

Poop Tarts

Fapple Turnovers


Urine Squares?




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  1. “School officials subsequently summoned police, who questioned each suspect (and seized their individual frosting containers)”

    I’d bet their mother’s did more that just seize their individual frosting containers 🙂

  2. A childhood memory. My older brother used to ask me which would rather find, a clot in your tomato soup or a vein in your hotdog.
    Ewwwww face.

  3. @Perspective
    The reply was usually this:
    Which would you rather do, slide down a mile long razor and land in a vat of alcohol or suck your teacher’s nose ’til her face caved in.

    We were a dreadful little crew.

  4. LOL

    Dreadful? And a little bit deplorable too 🙂

    “slide down a mile long razor and land in a vat of alcohol “was used when I was a kid too. That shit him up I’m sure.

  5. Boys in home economics classes?
    What the hell do they expect. They obviously have mental problems or they wouldn’t even be in the class.

  6. @Corona, thanks. We’re deplorable.

    @Perspective, I can’t be precise on ages but I think maybe 10 and 14. Our older sister didn’t participate in the silliness.
    Brother’s response was usually along the lines of an ugly face, a rude hand gesture or making a loud fart sound.
    Deplorable little brats. It was more fun than being goody 2 shoes.

  7. Expel the little bastards for a year. Let them write the Christmas exams to finish this semester then out until the second semester starting in 2018 where they would pick up where they left off.

  8. They need a supreme beat-down.

    Also, aside from being sexual abuse (She clearly didn’t consent.), is that not also elderly abuse… By 15 y/o’s?!? Those boys have SERIOUS mental issues.

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