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Fat Ass Protests In Front of Trump Tower


I fixed it for him—


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  1. Progs have no shame because they have no conscience.

    Morbidly obese men are self-loathing.

    We are looking basically at a hate-filled psychopath.

  2. Its a new diet regime: Mmmm. U. Slim. All you have to do is stop eating pork products and drinking alcohol, exercise by kneeling towards a rock in saudi and doing some burpees. Extra weight loss can be had by wearing the “diet vest” just wait until you are in a big crowd of infidels and press the button, INSTANTLY you are 200lbs lighter and have attracted a crowd of 72 virgins because you are so M.U. Slim!

  3. The important thing in Demosleaze SJW politics is not to defend your country, but to defeat your fellow countrymen, even if (or especially if) that involves selling your birth Nation out to murderous, invading beserkers.

  4. Even Omar the Tentress could not get enough material to cover that whale…just spray paint that bloated carcus in red and white…circular, target shaped…

  5. Moore is the whore of Babylon…so many are his bastard offspring that a family reunion is like open house at the UN….causes c’e’lebres de jour he uses as a diet control….aww snap!…fails…. how does he keep his jowls off the floor when he shits?

  6. I was just thinking if he showed up at a jihadi training camp they’d soon be giving him the Deliverance Ned Beatty treatment.

    They’d have him squealing like a pig, ah , er ,Bah, Baahhhing, like a goat.

  7. When the Syrians whom he wants to put up in his mansion first see him they are going to say, “We’re gonna need a bigger bomb.”

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