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Mike Rowe Snaps Back At Bernie Sanders

In a Facebook Post, blue collar promoter TV personality Mike Rowe goes off on self- proclaimed advocate for the common man, Bernie Sanders, for insulting every working person in the nation who doesn’t have a useless college degree.



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  1. Sanders is senile old communist. Having said that, what happens if something causes Hillary to drop out? It’s getting a little late in the game for another Obama to come out of the woodwork and sandbag her so it’s possible you could see Sanders carrying the Democrat banner into the next election. Then think about Bush winning a tainted GOP contest and running against Sanders. How many conservatives or even slightly conservative voters sit out the election in protest? How’s that for a nightmare scenario.

  2. Mike is da man. I went to college for a couple terms at a tougher then shit engineering college and realized I was just sick of school and wanted to get out in the world and do something. So I did.

    I don’t have cable but I have caught a couple of his shows here and there-I saw one a few weeks ago where he was inspecting the 100 year old+ sewer system under San Fran. There were millions of cockroaches, lord, and you know what floating between his feet. An earthquake and that would’ve been that.

  3. Just as air travel is the new bus transport, a college degree is the new HS diploma. The present College and University graduates have about the same education as an 8th grader from the 1800s and early 1900s. When the big push to go to college came after WWII, they had to dumb it down because the country only needed so many engineers, lawyers, and doctors.

    So colleges and universities offered smörgåsbords of meaningless bullshit to maintain their professoriat and grow the institutions to the monstrosities that they are today. They are industrialized manufacturers of indoctrinated statists who will live forever on the taxpayer dole – either through welfare or through the false economy.

    They build nothing, invent nothing, improve nothing, and don’t have an original thought. They are automatons – the Brownshirts of tomorrow.

  4. Joe Biden to the rescue!
    Joe Biden to the rescue!
    Go Joe Biden!
    Go Joe Biden!

    (Sorry Meatloaf)

    Brain damaged, plagiarizing, just shoot in the air, hair plugs, racist moron.

    Just your typical democrat.

  5. Mike is the salt of the earth, we need a lot more of him and a lot less of coco smugboy if we want to crawl out of obama’s depression.

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