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Fauxcahontas Demands a Scalp!

Boston Herald

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday called for impeachment proceedings against President Trump — becoming the first major presidential candidate to take the leap after the release of the Mueller report. More

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  1. They aren’t amenable to reason.
    They aren’t deterred by facts.
    Their blind, frothing rage at being rejected for an American enhances their hatred and distemper, driving them into a psychopathic frenzy.

    We (the few Americans remaining) should prepare – their rage won’t subside.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. We’ll see what she says once the subpoenas get thrown back at Nadler, Schiff and assorted FBI criminals. Including the NY Times. Can’t wait to see who wants to make a deal first.

  3. Hard to believe she was ever a professor at Harvard Law just based on her willingness to go along with the whole sham. You’d think someone who once worked at the premier law school in the nation would be at least a little bit concerned about her reputation as a legitimate legal scholar. But for Warren, politics will always override legality.

  4. Hey how are you
    Hey how are you
    I’m an Indian
    You are a white man
    Hey how are you
    Hey how are you
    Think I’ll go get a scalp
    Then I’ll get another scalp
    Hey how are you
    Hey how are you

  5. Timing is everything.

    Democrat presidential candidates want to campaign on impeachment at the END of the (first) term of PDJT. It looks petty and stupid as it does nothing to him. What is the point?

  6. she wants us to think she’s going on the ‘warpath’
    never should have let her have that beer

    what happened to her dog? Didn’t she say she took him with her everywhere?
    I want to know where the dogs is. Did she give it to obama? Prop dogs seem to have a short life span, visibility wise, with these guyz. If obama didn’t eat it, I bet the dog is chained up in the rain, in one of her backyards.

  7. Half of me thinks the best thing would be for them to have at it, right now. Assemble the case for Impeachment for all to see (having the conservative pundits blow holes into it for the public to see) and see how many Dems actually vote for something so ludicrous and false that they become disenchanted for the Democrat Party they’ve been voting for for years. Have it get to the Senate where it’s blown apart by GOP Senators and see which Dem Senators vote guilty and which ones (after looking at the polls) vote Present.

    Maybe it’s time to call their bluff and finally destroy the cancer the Democrat Party has become to make way for the rebirth of the new Democrat Party.

  8. @ scr_north April 20, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    We just wasted two years and thirty million dollars having Mueller search for evidence of a crime that never happened. Only the useful idiots didn’t know this was a sham and even the majority of them probably suspected it was. Show trials will do nothing. It’s time to drain the swamp. This is most important thing Trump can do. More important than a border wall even is cleaning the nest of vipers out of the government.


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