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Kim Fox Loses Ethics Officer And Integrity Unit Director

Fox News

Two ranking executives inside the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office have submitted their resignations — including State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s chief ethics officer, April Perry, whom Foxx cited as the person who advised her to “recuse” herself from the Jussie Smollett case that has rocked the Chicago office, Fox News learned Thursday.

Mark Rotert, the director of the office’s Conviction Integrity Unit, has also submitted his resignation, according to a Foxx spokesperson.

Perry and Rotert are scheduled to work their last days on the job in May. More

13 Comments on Kim Fox Loses Ethics Officer And Integrity Unit Director

  1. “…Ethics Officer And Integrity Unit Director…”

    …well, THERE’S two things Democrats have no use for and wouldn’t know it they bit them!

    …if the Ethics Officer or Integrity Unit Director knew or cared anything about EITHER of those things, they would have quit LONG before today, or never been hired in the FIRST place…

    …why not change the names to “Irony Officer And Irony Unit Director”? Oops, sorry, too honest, and that’s NOT the Democrat way…

  2. Well unlike the DOJ and the FBI I’ll give them credit for standing up for our laws and justice, even if they needed time to think about it. In the end they did the right thing…

  3. Too bad they didn’t do their jobs when their boss declared she meant “recusal” in the “colloquial” sense. If they’d of made a statement condemning her then and been fired they would have some integrity. Now they look like their only looking out for their own interest and getting out before they get sucked into an ethics violation themselves.

  4. Thas some funny shit, there!
    In Chicago?
    Musta been the loneliest dudes in town.
    Sorta like a “moderate” moslem – or a “Constitutionalist” Demonrat.

    Orwellian titles – everybody winked and nudged – then laughed their asses off.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. But, but! That can’t be! Good people. Honest people. Patriots. Accidentally get hired by corrupt outfits. And they stay. Getting promoted up the ranks. So when The Great Pumpkin comes, they can clean house. For great justice!

  6. Ethics Officer and Integrity Unit Director only evoked the image of the Blues Brothers, stuffed in small student’s desks, getting smacked by “the Penguin” with her long wooden pointer.

    Kim Fox is “awn ah mission fram Gaad”.

    And she even made Rahm ‘POS’ Manual look righteous in contrast.

  7. I want to know where they end up. Ethics in Chicago has been long since gone and before anyone applauds them for their honesty I would think a little checking into the past years they served to see just what they’ve done. If they end up in a cushy private sector job then I suspect they were given a payoff for not filing against Foxx which, I think is far more likely then their conscience finally waking up.


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