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Feminist Book Stores Severs Relationship With Portlandia

“In Other Words,” in Portland, has served as the setting for the feminist bookstore, “Women and Women First,” in the IFC series Portlandia for six seasons.  That was until the store posted a profane announcement on its front door regarding the show.


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    Yet, they don’t kick out the offenders because they’re getting $$$ for filming there.
    Feminists are a bunch of angry, squirrely bitches in need of hormone therapy.

  2. I’m pretty happy to have never of Portlandia nor this book store or the faggoty, SJW owners. Hopefully, this brief encounter will quickly be erased by my brain for more important incoming.

  3. “”Fuck Portlandia! Transmisogyny – Racism – Gentrification – Queer Antagonism – Devaluation of Feminist Discourse.”



  4. You gotta go read the whole story, it will crack you up. The womyn (or whatever the hell they’re calling the tribe this week) really took this bad. Funniest stuff I’ve read for a long time.

  5. I’ve only seen the show in a video that was posted here a year or two ago, and I laughed my ass off at that one. This one is not so funny, or maybe I just don’t get it. The other earlier one had that goofy actor with the crazy eyes on it and he was trying to deal with these dimwits as they nearly drove him to suicide.

  6. Imagine being so angry that you give up all the publicity and probably rental fees in order to make a statement in support of the cause.

    I give the owners credit for not being total sell outs, but that doesn’t stop them from being parodies of themselves.

  7. @MM — Where was you at? (Is it my imagination or have you been gone for a while? — If gone, glad to see you back! If not, please pray for my short-term memory returning.)

  8. I never thought Portlandia was funny in spite of all the reviews (mostly from locals). Then my daughter moved to Portland because my son in law was serving his first year as intern at Provident Hospital for internal medicine. She showed me selected clips. The show doesn’t have actual writers. Just film crews that walk around Portland and I kid you not, the show just writes itself. If you live there, it is, for the most part, hilarious.

  9. I was in Portland in the summer of 2001. I lit up a cigarette in a downtown bar. I might as well have whipped my thing out the way these freaks looked at me. Also, I tried to pump my own gas. Apparently you can’t do that in Oregon.

  10. AA-I was in CO for a workshop to learn a new technique(for me) in glass-pulling murrini!

    Very kewl stuff.

    It’s nice to be missed by the most eloquent among us.

  11. @MM — How fun! I had to look that up. I didn’t know what murrini is. What do you do with it after it’s pulled?

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