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  1. There’s a report running all over the internet about some guy that burned a rainbow flag and was arrested. Think about that for a moment.

  2. Thanks BFH. This is what’s happening. I just bought a Confederate Flag which I will fly on the 4th of July and send you a copy of the photos i will take of my house this 4tyh of July.

  3. I think it’s a fine idea Moe. If America keeps submitting to the bullying of the left, there will be no remaining symbols of American values and traditions to ban. The only way to stop this nonsense is to be bold and “loud” about fighting back against those that would try to destroy the symbols of our culture while replacing it with their chosen symbols.

    The success of the disingenuous “gay rights” movement has stemmed from a very small group yelling loudly and making a tremendous nuisance of themselves. We have the numbers but have remained polite in the face of this leftist aggression. I think that has to stop.

    One thing is for sure; in the small southern town I live in, you’ll see a hell of a lot more Southern Cross flags than those stupid rainbow flags (actually, I’ve never seen one here). Maybe you’ll create a positive trend in NYC with it.

  4. Yea but he doesn’t live in the South. He live some where in NYC and I for one don’t want to see him in a confrontational situation unless of course your willing to get your ass up there to back him up. Ya getting the picture?

  5. I had the picture already Brad. I figure Moe can take care of himself adequately. I admire him for his willingness to stand up for what he believes in.

    I don’t want to see him in a confrontational situation either, but make no mistake – there is going to be a confrontation sooner or later (and my money is on sooner) unless we are willing to just stand by and let these cretins run over us repeatedly until we have no ability to fight back.

    At least this way, the confrontation occurs at a time of our choosing.

  6. Bubba, A smart man picks his battles. This one doesn’t look to good to me. Tom is a capable guy and if it were ten years ago I say yea give it a roll. But Toms gotta a bride too. That’s a bad spot to do this. I hope he rethinks it. I’m not disrespecting Toms ability here.

  7. That’s the one they are taking down (except in your neighborhood and mine). The new red flag, i think, has a hammer and sickle. But, hey, I wouldn’t want to ruin a real flag when we impale them on the flagpoles.

  8. Brad – I don’t see a reply button on your last post – maybe it’s limited after a couple of replies. No disrespect meant from my end to anyone other than leftists. I hope Moe does what he thinks is best for him either way.

    Sometimes it takes an initial act of defiance to give others the courage to stand up with you. What they may not do on their own, they might join in with if they see someone else have the courage to fight back. In any case, I admire his spirit.

  9. LOL – I was a little slow on the uptake there unruly. Maybe we could start a rumor that the kkk has adopted the hammer and sickle (or the rainbow flag) as their new, more inclusive symbol and get the left stirred up against their own flags. They might be stupid enough to buy it.

  10. Had the same problem with the reply button.

    What Tom is talking about doing deep in enemy territory is a young mans game. A young man that has a shit load of friends. Besides if the FBI is right we will all be busy smoking terrorists this week end. I’m good with that.

    These bastards can push and prod us with their flags and legal decisions all they want. And it’s all fun and games until we exercise the 2cnd and rid our selves of the tyrants. Sooner or later you keep fucking with the bull you get the horn. But I don’t want Tom kicking the whole thing off.

  11. I’m just thinking that it might turn out that he would find more supporters than detractors, even in what the rest of the country thinks of as the progressive cesspool that NYC has become. I’ve gotta believe that even some people that have considered themselves as being liberals are getting tired of the thuggish tactics being employed by the left these days against whatever target they choose to isolate (and they seem to form circular firing squads themselves pretty often these days).

  12. Of course Brad, because we’ve long signaled that it’s ok for the government to decide what constitutes a ‘hate crime’.

    Yet because of our unparalleled Civil Rights (which made our country truly EXCEPTIONAL) it’s never been a crime for an unappreciative turd (e.g., Obola, who is called President by some) to HATE this country.

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