Flags At Half Staff For Victims of Chinese Flu


President Donald Trump on Thursday announced that he would order flags to fly at half-staff to memorialize Americans lost to the coronavirus.

“I will be lowering the flags on all Federal Buildings and National Monuments to half-staff over the next three days in memory of the Americans we have lost to the CoronaVirus,” Trump wrote on Twitter. More

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  1. Will he raise it to 3/4 staff if and when the real death numbers come out….aw, never mind we’ll never know the true numbers….more dead people more money….

  2. God I hope this is fake news. Half staff is reserved to those that earned a measure of respect for sacrifice and valor.

    Don’t cheapen that to innocent bystanders that were the victims of circumstance.

  3. Soon we will have the Democrats saying, put up a memorial for the victims of Covid, we need to martyr these people you see.

    My prayers go out to these people, but the fact that almost 40 million people are out of work just boggles the mind.

    As for me, I will continue to fly my flag at full staff all Memorial Weekend long, in honor of those who shed their blood for us to be free. God Bless America. 🇺🇸

  4. The way I feel about the state of in-justice being ignored and shrugged off by our not American MSM, I may just fly mine upside down.

  5. True, Billy Fuster. Three months from now, the media will be framing it as Trump’s “Mission Accomplished” moment as they solemnly speak about those who died of the Covid after Trump declared victory over the virus.

  6. Not impressed. Were these victims blown up in Afghanistan, Police officers shot by Obama sons, burned to death in a collapsed building?

  7. Will flags come down to half staff next flu season too?
    How about lowering them for the suicide cases we’ve had since house arrest.
    Will the victims of other health tragedies who have been ignored during this scamdemic get equal honors?
    Just curious.

  8. The real Canadians have been doing that up here too! ‘

    God bless! It never should have happened.

  9. Since we are honoring the China virus dead, are we also honoring those who committed suicide after losing everything they worked their whole lives for due to the stupid shut-downs? How about those killed by dangerous criminals released from jail by dem governors so the criminals wouldn’t get the sniffles?

  10. Mr. President, I’m still voting for you in November without reservation, but come on–wrong holiday dude!

    Not that it’s really appropriate ever.

    I am so totally sick of the COVID.

  11. P.S.

    I didn’t mean that’s it’s never appropriate to fly flags at staff, just that’s it’s not appropriate to fly them at half staff for normal, average people who die of normal, natural causes.

  12. Just a different take on this.
    Many of the dead in our country were killed by the leaders of their own states by sending them back in to what amounted to death camps, nursing homes.
    The Flag will still be here after the weekend but many loved ones will not be.

  13. people die, every day from ‘complications’ of old age (it’s creeping upon all of us … it’s just the process of living)

    to honor the natural progression of life is all well & good … but it doesn’t need flags to fly at half-mast … we might as well fly flags half-mast every day.

    … better yet, let’s just cut the mast in half & fly the flag full-staff … same thing … right?

    sorry, this is ridiculous ………… do not agree


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