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Michigan’s AG Trying To Out “Karen” Governor

Washington Times

Michigan’s attorney general said President Trump is a “petulant child” who is no longer welcome in her state over his mask-wearing habits.

In a CNN interview Thursday, Dana Nessel noted that Mr. Trump did not wear a mask when in public view during a visit to a Ford plant in Ypsilanti earlier in the day. More

13 Comments on Michigan’s AG Trying To Out “Karen” Governor

  1. Would she personally escort the President of the United States over the state line?

    Yes? No? Answer hazy, try again later?

  2. ode #4 to a MI ag:
    .a carpet-muncher d-rat name of nessel
    .bent over to inspect her front “vessel”
    .she inserted a t**t-light,
    .cursed out the alt-right,
    .said i can’t see s**t in this mess-hole!

  3. If masks mattered there would be strict guidelines concerning fit, seal, materials of construction, and a lot of training. That’s only part of what OSHA and other industrial agencies require for masks and respirators nationwide.

    Masks as made, used, worn, and presented today have no effect on controlling anything in reality. They are fashion accessories and trendy virtue signals.

  4. Please excuse my overuse of the word CUNT, but when referring to those two cunts it seemed apropos !

  5. She’s another muff muncher. The queers are trying to take us down. They are the despicable new tyrants.

    She certainly can’t keep Trump from visiting Michigan. Let’s see her try. I doubt if she could keep him out of her own office.

    Trump should threaten to visit her next time he is in Michigan. Just for fun.


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