Ilhan Omar Accused of Yet Another Fraud

DanBongino: Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy, and now there’s one more to add to the list.

As reported by David Steinberg in The Blaze:

Shortly after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz issued a “stay-at home” order on March 25, local Imam Tawakal Ismail partnered with 115-year-old charity GMCC to deliver meals to seniors and disabled individuals in immediate risk of hunger.

On April 9, GMCC’s website announced the meal program’s partners and major donors. The list included the imam’s charitable organization Darul Hadiith, and GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare program.

Absent from the list: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, or any other elected official or candidate.

This was intentional. Responding to questions via phone and email, Imam Tawakal states that the project is strictly “charity work,” and that he has been explicitly rejecting political partnerships and forbidding campaign photo or video opportunities.

On May 5, GMCC posted a formal news release announcing the program’s growth and success, and again listing partners and major donors. No political campaigns had joined, as expected.

Unexpectedly, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted this fundraising appeal the same day: More here

24 Comments on Ilhan Omar Accused of Yet Another Fraud

  1. Next thing you know. . .

    Old Joe will be playing “Race Card! Race Card! Race Card!”

  2. Yet another crime the federal justice system will overlook. If she hasn’t been indicted now for all the other shit, let’s face it. She is not going to be indicted for anything under any circumstances.

    Every white prosecutor has pee running down their leg just thinking of what liberals might say if she was indicted.

  3. …Accused? Yes. Deservedly so.

    .. Charged? Never. Black, woman, Democrat, Muslim. Quadruple privileged, untouchable.

    You’d have better luck impeaching Trump again.

    And they will…

  4. I’m sure Ms. Omar will NOW turn over the funds to the charity. After deducting a “small” handling fee, of course.

  5. She does have quadruple immunity: leftist, Mohammedan, black, female. That’s four for four on the Obama Deflection Scale where he only got a three. If it ever comes out she’s lesbian, she’ll take first place and assume Deitistic Invulnerability.

  6. This MUZZRAT infestation needs to be purged from our country…along with the muzzrat prez that brought them here!

  7. Worth pointing out, this al-Reuters “fact check” of accusations against Ilhan Omar:

    Spoiler alert: if Ilhan or her campaign says it’s not true then she’s telling the truth, you’re a liar and that settles it.

    No actual journalism or investigation was committed in the course of this fact check.

  8. Ignoring her crimes is the result of years of political correctness. It’s doing exactly as intended.

  9. “I wonder how many are aware of just how far gone this country is.”

    Human nature being what it is, it really can’t end any other way.

  10. I’m tired of only “accused of”, and it’s long past time for, “found guilty of” or “convicted of” and “sentenced to” – otherwise don’t bother me with the near misses.

  11. can you imagine the filth under that doo rag and the skank is pictured handling dood. Go back parasite.


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