Florida Dem Caught Faking Latin Heritage

Neon Nettle

Kristen Rosen Gonzalez gave a bizarre response after getting caught falsely claiming to be Hispanic.

Gonzalez often boasts that she’s “the most high-profile Hispanic Democrat in the City of Miami Beach.”

While speaking about Hispanic communities during a candidate interview with Democratic Party leaders, Gonzalez described herself as “their girl.” More

17 Comments on Florida Dem Caught Faking Latin Heritage

  1. Yawn… another Lyin’ Lefty pretending to be something they are not because it will benefit themselves… how shocking.

  2. Next thing she’ll tell you is that she identifies as a burrito and thanks to identity politics, she is Hispanic. If there were a benefit, she’d identify as a toilet bowl brush for a vote or two.

  3. “I’m perceived as being Hispanic…”

    Oh, okay. So we’ve added another dimension to this ridiculousness. You can self-identify as something, and now if other people perceive you to be something, then that counts, too. I perceive her to be a lying opportunist.

  4. If whites have “privilege”, the why do so many white politicians pretend not to be white? No non-white politician pretends to be white? If whites really had privilege, wouldn’t there be people running around pretending to be white?

    It’s obvious who’s really getting fucked in this country, and it’s average white people.

  5. “I’m sorry,” Rosen Gonzalez told CBS Miami. “I probably oversold myself. If you want to nail me to the cross go ahead, make me look foolish.”
    You did that to yourself, pendeja.


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