Florida Governor Rick Scott Discusses Transparent Ballot Fraud Ongoing, Yet Again, In Well Known, Corrupt, Broward County


Anyone with a reasonable amount of political knowledge is aware that within Florida the epicenter of voter fraud takes place in Broward and Palm Beach counties.  Both of these areas are not just filled with corrupt election officials; as was noted in the background of the Parkland school shooting, every element of county and city government is corrupt.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, has an exhaustively documented history of rampant and ‘in-your-face’ unapologetic fraud within the election process.  In the latest example, Snipes is once again producing ballots -filled out by her political operatives- long after the election is over.  Everyone in Florida knows the Snipes routine.

Brenda Snipes keeps “her peopleworking to produce ballots until law enforcement arrive.  Once she is confronted she shouts “racism”, and officials back away allowing the corruption to continue.  This process has worked very well for her in the past and she is openly compensated by left-wing political operations for her efforts.  In the 2016 election the Hillary Clinton campaign paid Brenda Snipes to send two ballots to every democrat.   MORE HERE


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28 Comments on Florida Governor Rick Scott Discusses Transparent Ballot Fraud Ongoing, Yet Again, In Well Known, Corrupt, Broward County

  1. I think the new head of the DOJ (or acting head DOJ), should fire the warning shot across the bow and warn everybody down there that they will all be investigated for election fraud, voter fraud, conspiracy, obstruction and anything else. Send em away for 20 years to warn every MF out there, since the majority are Democrats.

    Like Anitfa, the race hoaxers, Doxxers, start making examples out of these clowns already.

  2. Africans currently make up only 13% of the total population but are now involved in close to 100% of the decision-making process!

  3. All lies, everyone knows the Democrats are not corrupt, it’s the Republicans that steal elections.
    Every one of the Florida judges and the MSM knows, that is.

  4. Scott comes off like no eyebrow having weak sister.
    But hey, at least he called up for some help. (hopefully, some of the help won’t come from the asshole sheriffs at Broward and Facepalm Beach.)
    POTUS better not pick Pam Bondi for AG.
    As Florida’s AG she didn’t do shit about Swipes the last 5 times this happened.

  5. “#BayCounty was hit by a Cat 4 Hurricane just 4 weeks ago,yet managed to count votes & submit timely results. Yet over 41 hours after polls closed #Broward elections office is still counting votes? #Sayfie ”

    Heaven help me, I agree with Rubio! (I must shower now, thoroughly)

    The Good GENERAL Svejk- Brian’s correct. Every vote counted after the time limit should be removed, under Florida law.

  6. Nevada just shrugged their shoulders and turned blue this year.
    (PS. fuck you, Dean Heller. Bwaaahahahaha!)

    Florida better not give up!

  7. JCLady, you here? I’m suspicious about our GA-6. Handel beats Ossoff by several points in a special election last year, and loses to some unknown black lady Tuesday? Granted, our district has been gerrymandered, the south end is blackening fast, and racial black bloc voting is eternal, but still…from Tom Price to Lefty Lucy McBath in two years?

  8. HungJumper- I believe Scott has to alert the county cops and the FL AG first, then go to the feds. Gotta do it in the proper way or his complaint could be thrown out.

  9. BigOwe- Dr. is short for “doctoring” votes. lol.
    I hope they send her ass to jail. They may have to put that giant meaty mole in a different cell.

  10. Things are going to be great when even more of the third world trash types are running all government offices.

    “Dem peckerwoods gots it cummin!”

  11. Trump had been very restrained leading into the midterms. He has been kicking ass since then. Did you see his discussion with the press as he was leaving the White House today? He is great! One bitch asked him a question and he replied, “that is such a stupid question, but I’ve been watching you, you ask a lot of stupid questions”.


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