Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Halts Keystone Pipeline

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Morris in Montana declared yesterday that the federal government had not completed a proper review of the Keystone Pipeline before ordering a halt to construction. Morris, an Obama appointee, declared that the administration had not properly accessed the effect of the pipeline on “global warming, the risk of oil spills and worldwide oil prices.”

The ruling is a victory for environmentalists, tribal groups and ranchers who have spent more than a decade fighting against construction of the pipeline that will carry heavy crude to Steele City, Nebraska, from Canada’s oilsands [SIC] in Alberta.


This delay and others are costing Canada upwards of $10.7 billion this year alone, due to the expense of utilizing the less safe tanker cars to move their product to market in The United States. The Canadians don’t eat that extra cost, we the consumers do by having to pay an additional premium on Alberta oil. More

18 Comments on Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Halts Keystone Pipeline

  1. “global warming, the risk of oil spills and worldwide oil prices”

    What the frack(ing) does that “judge” know about any of that fraudulent BS?

    In the name of national security, maybe the President can override that “judge” and continue anyway?

  2. “Risk of oil spills”.
    Typical libtard know nothing.
    Rail and tanker spills are much more likely than a pipeline – one would think a judge ruling on such things would know that.
    Obama judge, though…it’s about trying to save a pitifully thin legacy of a pitifully thin personality; and nothing else.

  3. Brian Morris is a congenital Butte, MT, democrat. He’s very bright and seems to be a nice guy but, sadly, first uses his intelligence to advance the MT (d) agenda – an agenda very hard to differentiate from the CA, NY, MA, OR, WA agendas.

    He was a Stanford graduate and was elected to the MT Supreme Court years ago. He’s an Obama nominee as I remember

  4. We’re an industrial civilization, treehuggers. Stop driving your internal combustion engine-driven cars to the forest to hug your trees and then come back and tell me oil is bad.

  5. “Someone has to slow this economy down….”

    Well, @Tom, Dems are certainly skilled at THAT! If you think THIS is something, though, just wait until Maxine Walters starts chairing the Financial Services committee, we’ll be braking so hard we’ll pull the seatbelts out with our hips THEN…

  6. @MAJack
    “Tell the Judge to pound sand.”

    …a great BIG pile of sand, and with a little hammer, pound it right up his ass, sideways with the bigger rocks in it…he’s an Obama boy, so I bet he’s got room for quite a bit…

  7. If this leftie can just make shit up, like the Clintons and Ocommmie, then President Trump should be able to arbitrarily over ride dumb shit’s opinions not based on law.

  8. An emergency appeal to the SCOTUS is in order. TransCanada has already lost a pile of money on this over the years starting with the Obama Shuffle. While it would be incredibly good business and eco-sense to both countries they’ll back out at some point and fight the asshole Tom Steyer up here in Canada to get the Pacific pipeline built for the idiot Feds that bought it.
    By the way, I’d have a close look at the Judge’s finances both personal and professional as well as his contacts.


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