The “Racist” Professor Whose Assertions Have Not Been Refuted

Professor Wax, of Penn University, says she can easily sue Penn for defamation since they admonished her but never refuted her claims about race, affirmative action, and the superiority of bourgeois values.

The College Fix-

Wax has discussed suing the school for defamation with one of her biggest boosters, former Penn Law trustee and major donor Paul Levy, she said.

“I think it would be fairly easy” because Dean Ted Ruger (left) accused her of inventing statistics on black student performance that she can factually back up. The problem is she would have to sue by March to meet the statute of limitations and go through state court, which is a pain, Wax said.

Penn Law administrators are so eager to avoid any further tussles with Wax, she said, that she was let out of even more teaching at her request, with no dock in pay.

Her colleagues are generally eager to avoid her altogether, Wax told The College Fix: “I have been completely ostracized.” And yet she’s in an unusual situation because she’s a tenured conservative in the first place.

Wax challenged her critics to take on her arguments with data and self-reflection, rather than reflexively dismiss her as a racist.

“I have paid the price of praising bourgeois culture” and saying not all cultures are equal, which is evident by the throngs of refugees seeking entry into Europe instead of Zimbabwe and Venezuela, she said.

One of her critical colleagues refused to even answer her hypothetical question, Wax said – whether he’d prefer to live in a neighborhood where bourgeois values are mostly followed or mostly ignored.

She defended her claims about black student underperformance at Penn Law (video below), citing her years of service on the clerkship committee, where she saw class rank. Wax was speaking in the context of mismatch theory, which argues that underperformance is better explained by unpreparedness for elite academic standards rather than racism.

The professor mocked her dean’s claims that her statements were false and violated confidentiality rules, noting Ruger never cited specific evidence or legal authority.

Despite Ruger’s fear that her black students may perform worse because of Wax’s comments, “there was no effort to measure it because facts are beside the point” for the dean, she said: “What matters are perceptions and feelings.”


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  1. She argues with the facts presented from data and that is verboten in the academic world these days. I admire her courage, too bad it’s so rare.

  2. I’m willing to bet Tucker was bullied enough this past week as to avoid such subject matter for a long time.

  3. I have two Masters degrees in mathematically rigorous subjects.
    There were no POCs in my engineering graduation.
    There might have been one in my MBA graduation.
    Having said that, one of the very best engineers I ever worked with was a POC. Very bright guy. Awesome.

  4. Mr. Anth Ropy NOVEMBER 9, 2018 AT 10:58 AM
    “I’m willing to bet Tucker was bullied enough this past week as to avoid such subject matter for a long time.”

    I’ll take that bet! Tucker is no push-over, I think he just might double-down.

  5. Affirmative Action ruined universities. When universities were forced to accept dull witted morons into the fold, the culture changed to cater to the newly inducted low brow demographic idiocy, which tolerates actual scholarship no better than a ghetto tolerates success.

    Our culture has basically been destroyed. We’re a third world shithole in our universities, which means we’re doomed to be a third world shithole for generations to come. And that won’t change without a massive purge. Right now, the most likely purge will be the brutes purging what’s left of Western civilization into a soon to be erased history.

    Our future isn’t colonies in space. It’s colonies of sub-Saharan Africans and Central Americans turning every US city into Mogadishu or Managua.

    Thanks evil democrats. Thanks spineless country-club republicans. You ruined this.

  6. <blockquote<She said she once asked her librarian to count the “edicts and fatwas” from the administration about President Donald Trump’s policies. They came out about once a week.

    A list of mockery talking points. Max Headroomesque NPC program reading the list, Pod People dutifully reciting them, then two minutes hate.

  7. Facts have no place in Academia.
    Truth, Justice, and the American Way are old, outdated, anachronistic, racist concepts.

    We must continue to “Move Forward” into the Great Socialist Utopian Future!
    We have been given a “Bridge to the Future” and we must cross it!
    Because … uhh … only by crossing that “Bridge” can we … uhh … get to the future! … I think … cuz time is an artificial construct and has no “true” meaning outside of the dialectic! (yeah, that sounds kool, and mystical, and shit!)
    Marx and Ingraham were right! I mean left! I mean, whatever … who cares? They knew their shit and were correct in their disambiguational analyzitatical decombobulation of the patriarchy!

    Up the Revolution!

    At …

  8. This is where you get a couple dozen ladies (and maybe a few dudes) to pull a Christie Ford on the dean. Have them claim that they “feel” like they have been assaulted by him. Then ask him what matters more: feelings or facts.

  9. @TN Tuxedo: he may STILL say, “feelings” and then resign.

    @Joey B.: I’m impressed you used the word, “anachronistic” correctly!


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