A Ride You Can’t Get Off Of

Why am I posting video of guys on a boat enduring huge waves?

I dunno. But here it is.

Whenever I see stuff like this I think of Bill Burr’s routine where he mocks the old, oft said sentiment, that the toughest job on the planet is being a mother.

(Bad language)

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  1. The challenges of working at sea are numerous. Most dangerous jobs in the world.
    My husband worked on a dragger years ago in the ’80’s. Not nearly as big as a freighter. Fishing boats don’t go out if the winds are going to be 35 knots or higher. These guys were over 60 knots! They have rails and safety belts to keep them in their racks and on their seats. Going to the bathroom can be a sloppy chore. You saw a short clip of the mess. They have rails on the edges of the tables so things won’t hit the floor and roll.
    These guys who work these large ships get paid well and they should!!
    Bill Burr isn’t as funny since he got married.

  2. A friend worked a season trawling off Alaska.
    He said it was like turning yourself into jail for no reason for 3 months.
    Solitary confinement.

  3. “Bill Burr isn’t as funny since he got married.”
    I agree.

    As for the other shit…
    *silent scream*
    How could they be so calm sailing in and out of W shaped waves, with coffee in your hand? lol!
    I wonder if it’s worse at night because of the Moon’s pull? Or is there a difference between day/night?
    Anyone know the answer?

  4. When I worked offshore, I had the pleasure of being on an 80 foot crew boat in swells sometimes topping 20 feet. It was an interesting experience. I was young and didn’t quite realize one of those waves could have sent the boat to the bottom, if the skipper wasn’t up on his game. Since I’m now older, and wiser, the thought of doing it again is terrifying.

  5. I get seasick and airsick in small planes. Don’t put this on a big screen unless you want to see the contents of my stomach.

    Somebody told me once that it goes away after awhile. I can’t imagine the veterans drafted and put on a boat or those brave souls who hit Omaha beach etc on DDAY.

    God Bless America and Thank YOU any veterans. (early I know but what the heck)

  6. I was on a carrier, Bering Sea, in Feb.
    When you walk on the bulkheads instead of the deck, on a carrier, it’s rough weather.

  7. Every time I see big wave videos, I’m reminded of the good work naval architects and structural engineers do. Without the right amount of steel in the right places, the boat breaks and you become fish food.

  8. I know this isn’t a fishing boat, but…The next time I eat fish, I will not just say grace. I will try to remember to pray for the men who bring the fish to our table.

    Ice breakers seem tame in comparison.

  9. Oh, hell NO!

    The only waves I like are…..amber waves of grain.

    Nobody ever drowned or didn’t come back while out in a wheat field.

  10. I worked offshore in the gulf
    on and off as needed to repair
    our Nav. systems.Stuck on a 160′
    boat with 20 men who want to tell
    you about wife #3 can get to you…

  11. Radiationman, you should have worked with me on the charter boats. Once you clear the bay all the fishermen from the valley get seasick and lay down on the deck.

    Nothing as peaceful as baiting lines on a silent boat.

  12. 36′ dragger nearly out to the Grand Banks and had a hurricane hit several hours before it was predicted. This video is gentle and relaxing.

    I wouldn’t want to do it again, and I miss it. I also miss the guy I was.


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